Catherine Bell and James Denton on the Hallmark series Good Witch. (Image: Hallmark Media)

Stars are hoping to make another Good Witch movie next year: ‘Hallmark has just been super busy.’

Catherine Bell said she and her co-stars would love to make another Good Witch movie in the coming year.

“The rest of the cast and the producers are trying to make that happen,” she said during a video she made for the Cameo app. “Hallmark has just been super busy with other new projects so hopefully they’ll listen to us soon and make another movie.”

Another Good Witch movie

Bell said she and her co-star James Denton — who played Cassie Nightingale and Sam Radford on the hit Hallmark series — have been talking about a return to the screen.

“James Denton and I and our producers would love nothing more than to do that,” Bell said. “…We all miss working together so much.”

Good Witch got its start in 2008 with a movie about a beautiful, mysterious woman (played by Bell) who moves to the small town of Middleton. Though the locals are wary of her at first, they eventually come to love her for her kindness and her great advice.

A series of movies followed, including The Good Witch’s Garden (2009), The Good Witch’s Gift (2010), The Good Witch’s Family (2011), The Good Witch’s Charm (2012), The Good Witch’s Destiny (2013), and The Good Witch’s Wonder (2014).

In 2015, Hallmark debuted a television series based on the characters from the movies. The show became a quick hit with an international fan base. In July 2021, Hallmark announced that the series would finish at the end of Season 7.

Catherine Bell in the 2008 Hallmark movie The Good Witch. The actress recently hinted that another Good Witch movie might be in the works.
Catherine Bell in the 2008 movie The Good Witch. Bell recently hinted that another Good Witch movie might be in the works. (Image: Hallmark Media)

“Good Witch has enchanted viewers for over a decade,” said Randy Pope, Hallmark’s senior vice president of programming and development. “We…extend our gratitude and thanks to the entire cast and crew for their dedication and hard work.”

Fans felt blindsided by the announcement, and quickly organized to get the show back on the air. In addition to contacting Hallmark executives and signing petitions, fans appeal also appealed to Netflix — where the show has enjoyed great popularity — and Great American Family, a new network founded by former Hallmark CEO Bill Abbott.

Maybe next year

Fans became hopeful about a return of the series or at least a movie when a Hallmark executive mentioned Good Witch in a press conference over the summer.

During an appearance at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour, Lisa Hamilton-Daly, executive vice president of programming at Hallmark Media, told reporters the network was considering what to do with several of its franchises.

“As far as Good Witch, I think we’re always interested in thinking about what we can do with our most popular IP,” Hamilton-Daly said.

When Bell shared a video message several months later saying she hoped to return for a Good Witch movie, fans became encouraged. Their hope grew when James Denton weighed in with his own video message.

“There’s nothing in the works, but I think the odds are decent just because I know the network respects the franchise,” Denton said. “It ran for 14 years between the movies and the series. So I think there’s a decent chance, but I had to say in the same breath there is nothing in the immediate works.”

In Bell’s most recent message, it appeared that the holdup was with the network itself, which is busy with two new series and its regular movie lineup.

“Hallmark has been a bit busy and they have all sorts of new shows and new programming and all kinds of stuff going on with new executives there so we’re going to let the dust settle and once that happens we’re going to push it a little bit harder and see if we can’t bring a Good Witch movie back next year.”

Fans responded with disappointment.

“Stop ignoring us, and doing new things,” one wrote in a Twitter post.

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