The series finale of Chesapeake Shores, a Good Witch marathon, and two new movies — the Hallmark weekend schedule is epic!

The Hallmark weekend schedule is going to be epic! The series finale of Chesapeake Shores will air, as will a Good Witch marathon, and two new romantic comedies

The Hallmark weekend schedule will be packed with all sorts of romantic and heartfelt goodness. Not only will two new movies air — one on Hallmark Channel and one on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries — there will be an all-day Good Witch movie marathon on Saturday and the series finale of Chesapeake Shores on Sunday.

Series finale of Chesapeake Shores

The final episode of Chesapeake Shores promises to be an emotional one. Kevin and Sara will have their baby and give him a very special name. Evan will meet with his father, and Bree will have a moment of truth with Luke when he decides to leave town. Best of all, Nell will be back! The O’Brien matriarch will make one last appearance on the show.

Good Witch marathon

Good Witch fans got a pleasant surprise earlier this week when star Catherine Bell announced that she is hoping to do one more movie in the franchise. In a brief video on the Cameo app, the actress revealed, “Hopefully we’ll get a movie done here one of these days and bring all those characters back. That is the hope we are working on but we’ll see if it actually happens but working on it.”

In the spirit of the season, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries will run a Good Witch movie marathon Saturday, showing Good Witch Halloween, Good Witch: Secrets of Grey House, Good Witch: Spellbound, Good Witch: Tale of Two Hearts, Good Witch: Curse From a Rose.

Catherine Bell in 2008's The Good Witch
The Good Witch. (Image: Hallmark Media)

Two new movies

Finally, a fall-themed romance starring Aimee Teagarden and Evan Roderick will premiere on Hallmark Channel on Saturday evening. In Autumn in the City, Teagarden and Roderick play opposites who attract amid the beauty of a New York fall.

Good Witch’s James Denton (and his son, Sheppard!) will star in a new movie airing Sunday night. In Perfect Harmony, Denton and co-star Sherri Straum are acquaintances who discover a shared love of music when they come together to help plan a wedding for mutual friends.

The Hallmark weekend schedule:

Friday, October 14:


12/11c Love, Classified

2/1c Follow Me to Daisy Hill

4/3c Under the Autumn Moon

6/5c Wedding Every Weekend

8/7c Once Upon a Christmas Miracle


This one is tricky. Earlier in the week, the schedule included Big Sky River and one of the Good Witch movies. It has since been changed to show episodes of Murder, She Wrote. It’s possible it could change again. We will update if see anything new, so check back.

Once Upon a Christmas Miracle will be on the Hallmark weekend schedule
Once Upon a Christmas Miracle (Image: Hallmark Media)

Saturday, October 15:


10/9c The 27-Hour Day

12/11c Two Tickets to Paradise

2/1c Pumpkin Everything

4/3c Girlfriendship

6/5c Romance in Style

Autumn in the City is on the Hallmark weekend schedule
Autumn in the City (Image: Hallmark Media)

8/7c Autumn in the City

10/9c Dating the Delaneys


11/10c The Secrets of Bella Vista

1/12c Good Witch Halloween

Good Witch Halloween is on the Hallmark weekend schedule
Good Witch Halloween (Image: Hallmark Media)

3/2c Good Witch: Secrets of Grey House

5/4c Good Witch: Spellbound

7/6c Good Witch: Tale of Two Hearts

9/8c Good Witch: Curse From a Rose

Sunday, October 16:


10/9c Romance to the Rescue

12/11c Falling For Vermont

Hallmark Channel's Romance to the Rescue
Andrea Brooks and Marcus Rosner in Romance to the Rescue (Image: Crown Media)

2/1c Love Strikes Twice

4/3c The Wedding Veil

6/5c Autumn in the City

8/7c Chesapeake Shores Series Finale

9/8c Taking the Reins

What's on Hallmark this weekend? The Hallmark movie Love's Portrait takes place in Ireland.
Love's Portrait (Hallmark Media)


11/10c Unthinkably Good Things

1/12c North to Home

3/2c Love’s Portrait

5/4c Wedding Bells

7/6c Mid-Love Crisis

9/8c Perfect Harmony

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