The full schedule for GAC Family’s movie marathon this weekend

The GAC Family movie marathon this weekend will feature five favorite rom-coms, including the holiday movie A Lot Like Christmas. The fun starts on Saturday, June 11 at 2/1c with the movie Coffee Shop, starring Laura Vandervoort.

“Looking forward to Saturday!” one fan wrote on GAC’s Instagram page.

GAC Family movie marathon

2/1c Coffee Shop

Laura Vandervoort stars in this movie about a young woman named Donovan who is trying to keep her coffee shop in business after her boyfriend abandons her for the world of investment banking. Her sister tries to set her up with a playwright named Ben. At first the two butt heads, but they soon grow to appreciate each other. But before romance can bloom between them, Donovan’s ex-boyfriend returns to town.

GAC Family movie marathon features Accidentally Engaged
Accidentally Engaged (Image: GAC Media)

4/3c Accidentally Engaged

A struggling actress returns to her hometown for a wedding and finds herself making up a romantic relationship with a movie star named Chas. When she goes back to LA, Chas tracks her down and asks her to keep going with the charade. The 2016 movie stars Lexi Giovagnoli and Brant Daugherty.

6/5c Save the Wedding

Kacey Landoll and Tyler Burns star in this movie about a maid of honor and a best man who put aside their differences to create an amazing wedding for their friends.

GAC Family's movie marathon this weekend will feature A Lot Like Christmas
A Lot Like Christmas (Image: GAC Media)

8/7c A Lot Like Christmas

Jessica’s small Christmas tree farm is forced to compete for business like never before when a big corporation, and its handsome head of marketing, move into her town. Stars Maggie Lawson and Christopher Russell.

10/9c Autumn Stables

A widow named Autumn (played by Cindy Busby) sells her late husband’s ranch to a man (played by Kevin McGarry), who promises he won’t change a thing. But when Autumn finds out he plans to make big changes to the property, she can’t help but get involved.

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