What’s on the Hallmark schedule this weekend, 11/4-11/6

What’s on the Hallmark schedule this weekend? An extra hour of Christmas goodness thanks to Daylight Savings Time.

As Countdown to Christmas and Miracles of Christmas continue, four new movies will premiere.

Alison Sweeney, Luke Macfarlane, and Marlo Thomas will headline A Magical Christmas Village, the first of this weekend’s new movies. Sweeney plays Summer, an architect raising her daughter, Chloe, in her small hometown. Her mother (played by Thomas) comes to live with them right before Christmas and sets up an heirloom Christmas village. According to Hallmark, “As Chloe begins setting up the figurines, real-life events seem to mimic the scenes she creates, including Summer’s chance meeting with Ryan (Macfarlane), a newcomer to their community.”

Next up is Lights, Camera, Christmas! Kimberly Sustad plays Kerry, the owner of a boutique in a small town that has been chosen as the backdrop of a big Hollywood movie. When Kerry gets hired to work as the film’s costume designer, she falls herself falling for the leading man (played by John Brotherton).

On Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, A Maple Valley Christmas will premiere on Saturday night. Peyton List and Andrew Walker star in this movie about a woman who is trying to buy back her family’s farm. She has almost all the money saved when a handsome businessman (played by Walker) shows up and announces his intention to purchase the farm.

What's on the Hallmark schedule this weekend? Lights, Camera, Christmas!
Kimberly Sustad and John Brotherton in Lights, Camera, Christmas! (Image: Hallmark Media)

And last but not least, All Saints Christmas will premiere on Hallmark Channel. Grammy Award-winning R&B artist Ledisi will headline this movie, which is set in New Orleans. Ledisi plays Lisette Toussaint, a successful R&B singer who finds herself under public scrutiny when the media posts a photo of her with her ex-boyfriend Matthew (played by Roger Cross) online claiming that the two are engaged.

When her family finds out, they insist that Lisette and Matthew come back to New Orleans for Christmas. Since they both need some time out of the spotlight, Lisette and Matthew agree to the trip. According to a synopsis from Hallmark:

“With the help of her brash, beautiful, and always opinionated family, she reconnects with her roots – both musically and emotionally. Most of all, she reconnects with Matthew. But should she trust her heart when it comes to the man who already broke it once, or is she headed into another refrain of holiday heartache?”


The Hallmark schedule:

Friday, November 4:


12 (in the morning) Christmas by Starlight

2/1c You, Me & the Christmas Trees

4/3c Christmas Getaway

6/5c The Santa Stakeout

What's on the Hallmark schedule this weekend? The Santa Stakeout
The Santa Stakeout (Image: Hallmark Media)

8/7c Welcome to Christmas

10/9c Snow Bride

12/11c The Nine Kittens of Christmas

2/1c Christmas Made to Order

4/3c Christmas Town

6/5c One Royal Holiday

8/7c A Magical Christmas Village

10/9c Jolly Good Christmas

What's on the Hallmark schedule this weekend? A Magical Christmas Village starring Alison Sweeney
A Magical Christmas Village (Image: Hallmark Media)


12 (in the morning) Merry & Bright

2/1c Karen Kingsbury’s The Bridge

4/3c Karen Kingsbury’s The Bridge Part 2

6/5c Marrying Father Christmas

8/7c A Heavenly Christmas

10/9c A Family Christmas Gift

Here's how to watch Hallmark without cable
Marrying Father Christmas (Image: Hallmark Media)

12/11c We Need a Little Christmas

2/1c One December Night

4/3c Northern Lights of Christmas

6/5c Unlocking Christmas

8/7c The Christmas Doctor

10/9c Christmas in my Heart

What's on Hallmark this weekend: Christmas in my Heart
Christmas in my Heart (Image: Hallmark Media)

Saturday, November 5:


12 (in the morning) Picture a Perfect Christmas

2/1c The Mistletoe Secret

4/3c A Royal Queens Christmas

6/5c Christmas in Tahoe

8/7c Noel Next Door

10/9c Write Before Christmas

12/11c The Nine Lives of Christmas

2/1c We Wish You a Married Christmas

A Royal Queens Christmas (Image: Crown Media)
A Royal Queens Christmas (Image: Hallmark Media)

4/3c A Christmas Together With You

6/5c A Magical Christmas Village

8/7c Lights, Camera, Christmas!

10/9c My Christmas Family Tree


12 (in the morning) Romance at Reindeer Lodge

2/1c Road to Christmas

4/3c Cranberry Christmas

A Christmas Together With You" (Image: Crown Media)
A Christmas Together With You (Image: Hallmark Media)

6/5c The Christmas Ornament

8/7c Every Time a Bell Rings

10/9c A Christmas to Remember

12/11c Karen Kingsbury’s Maggie’s Christmas Miracle

2/1c Christmas Tree Lane

4/3c Christmas Bedtime Stories

6/5c Christmas on my Mind

8/7c A Glenbrooke Christmas

10/9c A Maple Valley Christmas

Alicia Witt in the Hallmark movie Christmas Tree Lane
Christmas Tree Lane (Image: Hallmark Media)

Sunday, November 6:


12 (in the morning) Christmas at the Plaza

2/1c Sense, Sensibility, and Snowmen

4/3c Boyfriends of Christmas Past

Sooo…on the schedule, it looks like Hallmark has two movies playing at the same time. This is actually to account for the extra hour we get because of Daylight Savings Time. Listed at 5:30/4:30c is Jingle Around the Clock. Starting at 6/5c is My Christmas Love.

8/7c The Christmas Contest

10/9c A Very Merry Bridesmaid

"A Very Merry Bridesmaid" (Image: Crown Media)
A Very Merry Bridesmaid (Image: Hallmark Media)

12/11c Lights, Camera, Christmas!

2/1c A Cozy Christmas Inn

4/3c Crown For Christmas

6/5c A Kismet Christmas

8/7c All Saints Christmas

10/9c An Unexpected Christmas


12:02 (in the morning) Five More Minutes

2/1c USS Christmas

4/3c Holly & Ivy

Countdown to Christmas starts this weekend on Hallmark. An Unexpect Christmas will air
An Unexpected Christmas (Image: Hallmark Media)

Once again, it looks like Hallmark has two movies playing at the same time. This is actually to account for the extra hour we get because of Daylight Savings Time. Listed at 5:30/4:30c is Our Christmas Love Song. Starting at 6/5c is One Christmas Eve.

8/7c Christmas Comes Twice

10/9c Just in Time For Christmas

12/11c Christmas Wonderland

2/1c Christmas Scavenger Hunt

4/3c Christmas in Vienna

6/5c Maple Valley Christmas

8/7c The Christmas Promise

10/9c Small Town Christmas

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