Gloria Reuben and Eriq La Salle in Hallmark Channel's A Second Chance at Love

It’s been more than 20 years since Gloria Reuben and Eriq La Salle last shared the small screen. On the NBC drama ER, they played a physician assistant and a surgeon navigating life-and-death situations. When they reunite inHallmark’s A Second Chance at Love, it will be in a much more lighthearted storyline.

“Being able to laugh on screen and have that kind of playfulness and sexiness was new for us,” Reuben said in an interview with Parade.

In A Second Chance at Love, Reuben and La Salle play Brenda and Jack, a divorced couple with an adult daughter who sets them up on a blind date through an app.

When they come together for their first date, they are surprised by how much they enjoy each other’s company, and soon they are questioning whether it’s worth pursuing their relationship again.

It was a story that resonated with both stars.

“There was something about this that really connected with us,” Reuben said. “We moved into it really deeply when we were discussing the script and filming. It touched on fundamental human experiences.”


A second chance onscreen

Reuben and La Salle also played a couple on ER, though their relationship didn’t last long. When the series started, Reuben’s character, Jeanie Boulet, was attempting to mend a broken marriage. Her husband was eventually diagnosed with HIV, and so was Boulet. La Salle, who played Dr. Peter Benton, went through several relationships on the series in quick succession.

Getting to play a couple again, this time in a Hallmark movie, was a fun change.

“…The sexy, fun, romantic story in this script were not elements that we were given on ER, in the relationship between Jeanie Boulet and Dr. Benton,” Reuben said.

About the movie

The romance between Brenda and Jack is only one part of the story in A Second Chance at Love. Their daughter, Alicia (played by Alvina August), is also facing a crossroads in her personal life. Her husband, Arnold (Jarod Joseph), is ready to start a family. Alicia is not so sure.

Instead of confronting the issue, Alicia decides to put her skills as a “love doctor” to use, focusing on her parents’ relationship instead of her own. But as her parents reconnect, Alicia is foxed to confront the issues in her own relationship.

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