Erin Krakow and Pascale Hutton did the Tortilla Challenge and we can’t stop laughing

BFFs and When Calls the Heart co-stars Erin Krakow and Pascale Hutton tried the social media trend known as the Tortilla Challenge and the results ae hilarious.

The Tortilla Challenge has become a sensation on TikTok, with more than 943 million views and celebrities from The Rock to Kevin Hart giving it a try. In the try-not-to-laugh challenge, both participants fill their mouths with water and take turns slapping each other with tortillas.

Krakow and Hutton gave it a try on the set of When Calls the Heart. They wore sweats and sneakers but were in full hair and makeup for filming. Hutton went first, but the two were laughing too hard after the first try to go on.

Erin Krakow and Pascale Hutton

Erin Krakow and Pascale Hutton have been close friends since they began working together on Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart in 2014. Their characters, Elizabeth and Rosemary, originally clashed on the show but eventually became friends.

After a few tense moments during Season 8, the pair became closer than ever. In an interview earlier this year, Hutton said Rosemary will always be on Elizabeth’s team.

“Hands down, and this has always been unwavering, Rosemary has always been Team Elizabeth,” she said. “She just wants Elizabeth to find love again. There’s no bigger champion of love than Rosemary of love in Hope Valley.”

The Tortilla Challenge

In the video, Hutton goes first, slapping Krakow with a soft tortilla. Krakow immediately spits out her water, spraying Hutton in the face. Both begin to laugh but then Hutton remembers she is wearing her makeup for the show.

“Pam’s going to be so mad,” she says to Krakow, referring to When Calls the Heart’s lead makeup artist Pam Anseeuw.

“I’m so sorry!” Krakow says.

“You have to go tell Pam!” Hutton says.

The video, which has close to 27,000 “likes” on Instagram, also inspired an abundance of comments.

“You two win for the best #TortillaChallenge!!!” wrote one fan.

“I am crying laughing!!!” wrote one of the show’s crew members.

Anseeuw weighed in with the comment, “You are both grounded.”

The cast of When Calls the Heart is currently filming Season 10 of the hit series. Krakow and Hutton may or may not still be grounded.

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