Good Witch fans marked the one-year anniversary of the end of the Hallmark series, making thousands of posts on social media.

Good Witch fans marked the one-year anniversary of the show’s finale on Saturday, making thousands of posts on social media in support of the series.

“Good Witch needs a new home!” one fan wrote on Twitter, with photos of the cast.

Hallmark aired the final episode of its popular series Good Witch on July 9, 2021. The show, which starred Catherine Bell and James Denton, was beloved by fans around the world, who enjoyed its positive messages and uplifting storylines.

Fans have been working hard to get the series back on the air ever since Hallmark announced — with only three episodes left in the season — that the show was canceled.

Now, as the series grows in popularity on Netflix, and a new network has joined the cable lineup, Goodies are hopeful that the show can find a new home.

Fans post in support of Good Witch
Fans post in support of bringing back the series Good Witch.

Save Good Witch campaign

In addition to pages on Facebook, fans have started a Save Good Witch website. (Here’s a link. It’s awesome.) The site shares the thousands of graphics fans have made in support of the show and describes the different campaigns fans have participated in to bring the series back to live television.

The creators have also come up with a number of storylines for the series moving forward.

“#GOODWITCH has changed our lives, made us better people and showed us how to get through the many challenges life has to offer,” reads one post on the website.

The series got its start in a series of movies produced by Hallmark, starring Catherine Bell as a mysterious woman named Cassie Nightingale who helps her friends and neighbors with good advice, kindness, and a little bit of magic. The movies proved so popular that Crown Media created a TV series based on the franchise, which debuted in 2015. The show ran for seven seasons before Crown Media decided to cancel it.

Moving forward

Fans have petitioned Hallmark to reinstate the show. They have also asked Netflix and GAC Family, a new network started by former Crown Media CEO Bill Abbott, to bring the series back.

“At least make a spinoff of the show and base it on Cassie and Sam traveling the world and checking in from time to time in Middleton with everyone in town and maybe with George and the kids and even Grace,” one wrote on social media.

Catherine Bell caused a stir when she asked fans to name a character she played that they miss the most.

“Cassie is my absolute favorite,” wrote one fan. “I love this character for all the positivity, resilience and warmth she radiates.”

“The Good Witch was one of my all-time favorite shows and the movies as well,” another wrote. “I was so sad when they were over!”

Actress Kyana Teresa also tweeted in support of a convention for Good Witch fans.

“A #Goodies con would be EPIC! How do we make this happen?!” she wrote.

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