Sarah Power, Catherine Bell, and Kat Barrell on Hallmark Channel's Good Witch

The campaign to save Hallmark Channel’s Good Witch grows

It’s been nine months since Hallmark Channel announced it would no longer produce the series Good Witch. The show, which starred Catherine Bell and James Denton, had been on the air for seven seasons and had attracted a dedicated group of fans who called themselves “Goodies.”

The show has found a renewed popularity on Netflix, where it continues to trend among the most-watched shows on the streaming service.

This has encouraged the Goodies who have been working since the series finale to get the show back on the air.

Fans have also been buoyed by the responses they’ve received from cast members Scott Cavalheiro, Nicole Wilson, and Kyana Teresa to social media posts in support of getting the show back on the air.

“We have heard even more recently over the last week from the cast and crew via social media likes and acknowledgment to our pleas for support,” said Lisa Gursky-Choi. “With all seven seasons on Netflix, and viewers acknowledging how much they love binging this show, it’s not surprising they are continuing to trend everyday.”

History of Good Witch

The franchise got its started with the 2008 movie Good Witch. Starring Catherine Bell, the film followed a mysterious woman named Cassie Nightingale who moves to a small town called Middleton. Though at first the locals are wary of her, she is so kind and helpful that they soon begin seeking her out for advice.

A TV series based on the characters premiered on Hallmark Channel in 2015, with James Denton playing Cassie’s new neighbor, Dr. Sam Radford. More movies were added to the franchise each season the show aired.

The Save Good Witch campaign

Fans were shocked when Hallmark Channel announced on July that the series was coming to an end. Hallmark executives said the show had run its course.

“Good Witch has enchanted viewers for over a decade,” said Randy Pope, Hallmark’s senior vice president of programming and development. “We…extend our gratitude and thanks to the entire cast and crew for their dedication and hard work.”

But fans disagreed and started a social media campaign to get the show back on the air. At first, they targeted Hallmark Channel, then turned their attention to Netflix. More recently, they appealed to GAC Media, the company started by former Crown Media CEO Bill Abbott.

Gursky-Choi, who has spearheaded the Save Good Witch campaign, says Goodies are feeling new optimism thanks to the series trending on Netflix.

“We have reached a new level in this campaign,” she said.

Below are some of the graphics shared by the #SaveGoodWitch campaign. They are were put together from comments fans shared on Facebook and in response to articles about the show:

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