Henry shares a powerful lesson with Hope Valley’s children during Season 9, Episode 2 of When Calls the Heart

Martin Cummins as Henry Gowen on When Calls the Heart

Henry shares a powerful lesson with Hope Valley’s children on When Calls the Heart


Hearties were treated to some of the feel-good, old-fashioned moments that have made When Calls the Heart famous during the second episode of Season 9 on Sunday.

Businessman Henry Gowen, who has been Hope Valley’s on-again, off-again villain since Season 1, set the record straight with the town’s children after he got involved in a saloon brawl during the first episode.

After spending the night in jail, he went to the schoolhouse and stood before the students. He explains what led him to attack businessman Jerome Smith in the saloon but said that violence is never the answer.

“If all we do is hurt each other, we all end up in pain,” he said.

Though some of the boys seemed disappointed, teacher Elizabeth Thornton was downright shocked. Henry has obviously come a long way from his early days in Hope Valley, when he made self-serving decisions that cost coal miners their lives.


Election results

In other developments, the votes in the town’s mayoral race were tabulated, and Mike Hickam was the winner. Though Bill and Lee were disappointed, Rosemary consoled her husband and even offered him the job as managing editor of her newspaper.

Hickam went to Fiona and told her it would be a conflict of interest for him to hold public office and be part owner of Gowen Petroleum. He turned over his shares to Fiona.

Waiting on the election results
Rosemary, Lee, and Bill await the results of Hope Valley's mayoral election. (Image: Crown Media)

Nathan on the mend

Fans tuning into the second episode of Season 9 were expecting the worst after Nathan was hit by a car during the Season 9 premiere. After he was brought to Dr. Carter’s clinic, Elizabeth rushed to his bedside. When Nathan saw her, he didn’t recognize her, leading many fans to believe he was suffering from amnesia.

But almost immediately during Episode 2, it became apparent that Nathan was just kidding. He knew who Elizabeth was, there was no evident damage to his brain, and he would simply need rest and the doctor’s care to get better.

Several fans mentioned how much they appreciated Lucas visiting Nathan’s bedside. The two former rivals sat and ate ice cream together, giving some fans hope that it was the start of a beautiful friendship.

Finally, viewers were introduced to a softer side of newcomer Mei Suo (Amanda Wong). When Elizabeth went to check on Nathan’s horse, she found Mei there, soothing the animal, who was still skittish from the accident.


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