Amanda Lee, Candice King, and Melissa Joan Hart on What Women Binge

Hosts Amanda Lee and Melissa Joan Hart with guest Candice King on What Women Binge. (Image: Instagram/@melissajoanhart)


Melissa Joan Hart and her friend started a podcast and we are OBSESSED

It’s no secret that we are all big fans of Melissa Joan Hart. (Exhibit A, our article “Melissa Joan Hart and Kellie Martin just made a Hallmark movie together and we are totally kvelling,” which can be read here.)

She makes Christmas movies, posts hilarious memes on her Instagram, and just generally seems like a fun person to hang out with.

But now we have another reason to heart the actress. She recently launched a podcast with a friend and it is fabulous.

“What Women Binge,” is dedicated to the books, TV, movies, podcasts, and apps that they love.

“We’re gonna talk about everything that people are obsessed with,” Hart said. “Guilty pleasures, everything from books, podcasts, TV shows, movies, everything.”

During the first show, Hart and Lee talked about how they met and discussed the first episode of Hart’s TV series Clarissa Explains It All. Hart said she had never seen the series, which aired from 1991 to 1994 on Nickelodeon.

“People are shocked I’ve never seen my show,” Hart said during the first podcast.

She admitted that before she met her husband, musician Mark Wilkerson, she wasn’t much of a TV watcher.

“I had never watched Cheers or Friends or Seinfeld until I met my husband,” she said.

“‘Binge’ has become such a dirty word”

Hart and Lee said the podcast came about because of the pandemic. Everyone they knew was bingeing something, from TV shows to novels to podcasts.

“Everybody was like, ‘I need a good book to read, guys,’” Hart said. “Or, ‘I need a good podcast to listen to on a road trip.’ Or, ‘What show do I watch? I’m done with every show I can think of. What’s next?’”

Hart started an Instagram page to share some of the things she had enjoyed. But it was her friendship with Lee that inspired her to start a podcast.

The two women met when their sons became friends at school. They began going on walks together and found that they spent the whole time talking about what they were reading and listening to and watching.

“I know that ‘binge’ has become a dirty word,” Hart said during the first podcast. “But we’re using it in the healthy sense.”

“I have a feeling some of our guests are going to surprise us with what they’re into,” Lee said.

Melissa explains Clarissa

During the first podcast, Hart shared some behind-the-scenes stories from Clarissa Explains It All. She said she got her breakout role after a veterinarian saw her in an off-Broadway show and recommended her to the show’s creator.

She auditioned three times for the role of Clarissa, but once she got the job, she never had to audition for anything again. Every part she played afterward was offered to her or created for her.

Hart also talked about working to lose her New York accent, which still comes out on certain words.

Their second episode featured actress Candice King. Their next episode, which will air on January 19, features actors Greg and Vanessa Evigan.

In addition to recommendations, the hosts share the shows, movies, and podcasts they can’t stand. In Lee’s case, it’s the HBO program Curb Your Enthusiasm.

“I think Larry David is so talented,” she said. “And I think the show is brilliantly done. However, I have never been so stressed out in my entire life. There is nothing that makes my skin crawl more than knowing that his character is about to do something horrible to someone else.”

What Women Binge is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and iHeart. A video version can be watched on YouTube.

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