Sara and Kevin have good news on Chesapeake Shores

Sara and Kevin have good news on Chesapeake Shores. In the episode “That’s All There is to That” Sara (Jessica Sipos) surprised Kevin (Brendan Penny) with the announcement.

“…Sometimes there isn’t the ‘right time’ to share certain news, you know?” she said. …“I’m determined not to be terrified or stressed by the ‘what-ifs.”

Sara and Kevin have good news

Sara and Kevin have faced a long road when it comes to fertility. In Season 5, Sara found out that she had endometriosis and might not be able to get pregnant.

“I haven’t even worked up the nerve to tell Kevin yet,” she confided in Jess.

Jess replied, “One way or another you will find a way to fill your arms with babies.”

After Sara told Kevin, they went to another doctor for a second opinion. This time, the doctor told the couple they could still have children. She said to try for another six months and then if they had no luck, they could look at other options.

Soon after, Sara fell off a ladder. At the hospital, she found out she was pregnant. Kevin and Sara were overjoyed to find out they were expecting. But their happiness turned to grief when she suffered a miscarriage soon after.

Hard times

Both Kevin and Sara were devastated. Sara told Kevin she didn’t want anyone to find out, but he ended up telling his parents. Sara was furious until Meg told her she had her own miscarriage.

This time when Sara shared the news about her pregnancy, she said she was going to try not to worry about what was to come.

“We have to promise each other that we’ll just move forward, be positive and just hope for the best,” she said. “I’m determined not to be terrified or stressed by the what-ifs.”

Chesapeake Shores airs on Hallmark Channel on Sundays at 8/7c.

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