Beloved Hallmark couple Lacey Chabert and Brennan Elliott to reunite in new movie

Hallmark favorites Lacey Chabert and Brennan Elliott will reunite onscreen in a new movie. The film, which will premiere during Hallmark Channel’s 2024 Fall Into Love lineup, marks the 10th time the actors have been paired up onscreen for the network. “So excited to reunite with my dear friend @brennanelliott2 for our new @hallmarkchannel movie!!” Chabert […]

Brennan Elliott revealed his wife has cancer

In a recent Instagram post, Hallmark star Brennan Elliott revealed his wife has cancer. Calling her “fearless,” Elliott said his wife, Cami, is being treated for stage 4 gastric cancer.

“Those closest to me know that my Wife Cami has had several bouts with cancer in the past but now she embarks on a new journey as a Stage IV metastatic gastric cancer patient,” he wrote on in Instagram post. “There is no one I consider braver, stronger, more Fearless even when you’re Faced with a sinister opponent who never plays fair.”

Brennan Elliott revealed his wife has cancer

Cami and Brennan have been married since 2011. They have two children.

Stage 4 stomach cancer is the most advanced form of the disease. By stage 4, the cancer has metastasized — or spread — to other areas of the body. It can be treated with surgery, chemotherapy, targeted drug therapy, immunotherapy, and radiation.

Elliott says his wife will pursue an aggressive course of treatment.

“She forges ahead into spring taking on the one of the most aggressive types of chemotherapy and immunotherapy,” he wrote. “As you all know me to be a very private person, this feels scary and exposing but If there is any hope that her story can help Even one person, then her cancer Experience Was Not Done in vain. Please keep @Camilla_row in your prayers.”

His Hallmark co-star Lacey Chabert replied, “We love you guys and are holding you close in our hearts. Cami is stronger than anyone I know. We are praying for you and sending all our love.”

Lacey Chabert responds to the news that Brennan Elliott's wife has cancer

Cameron Mathison wrote, “Thinking of you both and sending so much love.
Love you guys.”

Cameron Mathison responds to the news that Brennan Elliott's wife has cancer
Brennan Elliott and his children

Brennan and Cami Elliott

Cami maintains a private Instagram account. Brennan has posted a few photos of his children, including a shot of his daughter putting makeup on his face. The caption read, “Daughter payback for #quarantineponytailfail.”

In another photo, he and his children posed at Disneyland.

“When your kids want to go to #Disneyland and upon arrival they put us here for having too much fun!😂 kidding. Thanx 4 an absolute blast for the whole family!” he wrote in the caption.

Brennan Elliott and his daughter
Brennan Elliott and his daughter. (Image: @brennanelliott2/Instagram)

Elliott and Hallmark

Brennan Elliott made his Hallmark debut in the TV series Cedar Cove. He appeared in the network’s All Of My Heart series alongside Lacey Chabert. Elliott also played Lt. Logan O’Connor in the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries series The Crossword Mysteries.

He recently signed a multi-picture deal with Hallmark.


Crown Media Family Networks announced that actor Brennan Elliott has signed a deal to make multiple pictures with the company. The parent corporation of Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries shared the news on social media.

“Brennan brings tremendous talent and charisma to every role,” said Lisa Hamilton Daly, executive vice president of programming for Crown Media Family Networks. “He’s a joy to work with and we look forward to collaborating with him on new movies we know our viewers will fall in love with.”

Elliott has starred in movies for both Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, including the All Of My Heart series and the Crossword Mysteries series. He joins fellow Hallmark stars Lacey Chabert and Heather Hemmens in signing an exclusive contract with the network.

Hallmark has been making announcements about multi-picture deals as its new rival, GAC Media, gains steam. Started by former Crown Media CEO Bill Abbott, GAC Media began programming on two cable networks in September 2021. It aired 12 original movies during the holiday season, and has premiered two films, The Winter Palace and Harmony From the Heart, in 2022.

Several actors who have also worked for Hallmark have signed agreements to work for GAC Media.

Brennan Elliott in Hallmark's The Perfect Pairing
Brennan Elliott looking serious and handsome in The Perfect Pairing. (Image: Crown Media)

Celebrity deals

In October, Danica McKellar announced she had signed a contract to produce and star in four movies for GAC Media. She was joined in January by Hallmark favorite Jen Lilley.

GAC has also made plans to take over Hallmark Channel’s Kitten Bowl, which the network stopped producing this year. The Great American Rescue Bowl will air on GAC Family on Super Bowl Sunday — February 5 — 2023.

Elliott and Hallmark

Brennan Elliott had bit roles on Grey’s Anatomy, NCIS, and Criminal Minds before being cast as Warren Saget on the Hallmark series Cedar Cove. He went on to make the movie All Of My Heart with the network, and co-starred with Chabert on the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries series Crossword Mysteries.

In a statement made through Crown Media, Elliott said he was excited to officially become part of the Hallmark team.

“It’s been a dream to have worked with the wonderfully creative and supportive team at Hallmark over the years,” Elliott enthused. “I’m thrilled to continue this relationship that’s meant so much to me and have the opportunity to bring to life new characters and tell stories that will make people smile.”

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