Lacey Chabert and Danica McKellar rate their favorite Hallmark Christmas movies

Working with Dolly Parton was a dream come true for Danica McKellar.

“I love Dolly Parton, I love Dollywood, I love the whole thing,” she said in an interview with US magazine.

"Christmas at Dollywood" (Image: Crown Media)

Still, if she could do another Hallmark movie (and here’s hoping she will!) she would love to make a sequel to Crown for Christmas.

“It’s a fan-favorite and it’s also a favorite of mine and it’s just so royal and fun and, you know, a Cinderella story. That was great being a governess because I do like interacting with kids.”

Lacey Chabert said she had the best time learning how to ballroom dance for Christmas Waltz.

What's on Hallmark this weekend? Christmas Waltz
Christmas Waltz (Image: Hallmark Media)

“That was a real personal challenge and I enjoyed it so much,” she said.

Chabert’s next Hallmark movie is Christmas at Castle Hart, which will premiere on Saturday, November 27. Filmed in Ireland, the movie already deserves a sequel, according to Chabert.

“We need a royal wedding,” she said.

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