Will there be a Season 10 of When Calls the Heart? Fans won’t have long to find out.

By now, everyone has watched (and perhaps even re-watched) the Season 9 finale of When Calls the Heart. Most fans were thrilled with how things turned out.

“Best season in years,” one fan wrote on the show’s Facebook page.

For some fans, the highlight of the episode was when Lucas proposed to Elizabeth. For others, it was Lee’s giddy reaction to the news he is going to be a father.

A fan comments on the season finale of When Calls the Heart. Fans are anxious to hear about Season 10
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But fans seem to agree on one thing: a Season 10 is a must. Several Hearties asked if they could expect another season on the show’s Facebook page. In response, the page’s moderator told them they should know more soon.

“We will post more information right here when we know more about Season 10!” the moderator wrote. “Thanks for your patience!”

A moderator for When Calls the Heart's Facebook page responds to fan queries about Season 10
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Fans are hoping there will be a Season 10 of When Calls the Heart.Faith and Nathan had a growing connection during Season 9.
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Season 10 of When Calls the Heart

The final episode of Season 9 was filled with surprises. Faith (Andrea Brooks) confided in Molly that she has feelings for Nathan (Kevin McGarry). Before she could tell him how she felt, Mei Suo (Amanda Wong) returned to town. When Molly asked Faith if she was disappointed, she said she was relieved. Hmmmm.

Lucas (Chris McNally) finally proposed to Elizabeth in a sweet moment shared by Jack. Some fans said they would tune in for another season just to watch the wedding.

Others are concerned about Bill (Jack Wagner), whose health has been deteriorating steadily. Others want Molly (Johanna Newmarch) to find love.

But for some fans, the most significant part of the episode was when Henry asked Joseph to teach him to pray. Henry (Martin Cummins) had a huge change of heart over the course of Season 9, something most fans were thrilled to see.

“Loved when Henry decided to pray,” one fan wrote. “Best part of the finale.”

A fan comments on Henry's transformation during Season 9 of When Calls the Heart

What comes next

The co-creator of the series has been active on social media, encouraging fans to speak up if they want another season of When Calls the Heart. In March, Brian Bird published a letter on his Instagram page thanking Hearties for their “efangelism,” saying their support is crucial to the success of the show.

“If indeed there is to be a season 10 and beyond of WCTH, it will be because you reached down into your hearts and found that same excitement and passion for rallying your friends and family to watch the only show on TV that celebrates hope, faith and love every week,” he wrote.

Presumably, fans won’t have to wait too long to find out about Season 10. Filming on Season 9 was underway in July, so Hallmark doesn’t have too long to go before it has to make an announcement either way.

One Heartie made it clear that one more season won’t be enough.

“”Season 10! Season 10! Season 10!” she wrote on the show’s Facebook page. “#WCTHS10! #Hearties10 #Hearties (more like, 20 more seasons!!)”

A fan calls for more seasons of When Calls the Heart
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