The season finale of When Calls the Heart did not disappoint

What happened on the season finale of When Calls the Heart? Let’s just say there were more than a few happy resolutions. First off, Lucas proposed! Also, Rosemary shared the news with Lee that they are expecting, and he was so excited he ran outside in his pajamas.

But there were a few cliffhangers as well, which have left us at TV Cheddar clamoring for Season 10. (Hint, hint, Hallmark; anytime you wanna let us know if we get to go to Hope Valley next year would be great.)

The season finale of When Calls the Heart

When the episode starts, Lee tells Rosemary about the job offer he received from Arthur Gilchrist. He says he won’t take it because Hope Valley is their home and he doesn’t want to leave.

Gustave comes to see Elizabeth because he is worried about Lucas. She reassures him that Lucas is fine, but to put him at ease, she agrees to ask Nathan to check on him. But Nathan is even less worried about Lucas than Elizabeth is. Instead, he teases her that Lucas is getting cold feet. She tells him that’s not possible because they aren’t engaged.

Matchmaker Allie

Allie goes to see Elizabeth and asks for her help in finding a wife for Nathan. (She is calling him Dad now, which is sooooo sweet.) She says she thinks he might have feelings for Faith. Elizabeth tells her that Nathan will find a wife when he is ready.

Minnie and Joseph go on a picnic so they can spend some time together away from work. But the wind is so strong they decide to take their picnic inside the church. They talk about How Minnie’s father wants to lend Joseph some money for his business. Joseph says he needs to be successful on his own. Minnie reminds him that he shouldn’t let pride rule his actions.

Elizabeth goes to the jail to see if she can bring anything to Henry. He gives her money and tells her to give it to Joseph since he is always doing such great things for the community.

Minnie and Cooper spent some time together on the season finale of When Calls the Heart
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Medical advice

Rosemary is worried that she might not be pregnant because she no longer has morning sickness. But Faith assures her she will soon feel the baby move.

When Rosemary leaves, Faith confides in Molly that she has developed feelings for Nathan. She feels it is unethical because a doctor shouldn’t have a personal relationship with a patient. Molly tells her that some rules should be broken.

Nathan comes back from looking for Lucas. He tells Elizabeth that Lucas is fine and that he’ll return that evening.

Faith sees Nathan and starts to approach him. Before she can reach him, she sees Mei Suo, who has just arrived back in town. Molly asks Faith if she is disappointed. Faith says she is actually relieved.

Joseph goes to the jail to visit Henry, and thanks him for the donation. Henry says he would like to learn how to pray.

Elizabeth and Lucas are engaged
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Rosemary and Lee are leaving the office when they see smoke coming from the saloon. Lee runs in to help fight the fire, and Elizabeth begins to panic because she thinks Lucas might be in there. Just then, Lucas rides into town and runs into the saloon to help put out the flames.

Once the fire is out, everyone goes home. Rosemary and Lee go to bed and then Rosemary feels the baby moving. She shares the news with Lee, who is so excited he runs outside in his pajamas shouting with Joy.

Elizabeth, Jack, and Lucas are talking a walk. Elizabeth asks Lucas if he would be interested in coming to Hamilton for Christmas. He says he was hoping they could go, because he wanted to get her father’s permission to propose. Then he says he already called her father. Jack hands Elizabeth what she thinks is a rock. She realizes it is a ring. Lucas gets down on one knee and proposes.

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