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When Calls the Heart, Season 9, Episode 5: "Journey Into Light"

When Calls the Heart, Season 9, Episode 5 was epic. First of all, Allie is back in town. And she called Nathan “Dad.” Best of all, she convinced him to shave the caterpillar off his upper lip.

Also, Minnie invited Augustus Landis to dinner, Lee and Rosemary had a heart-to-heart, and Fiona returned to Hope Valley.

When Calls the Heart Recap: Season 9, Episode 5

The episode starts with Nathan (Kevin McGarry) and Allie (Jaeda Lily Miller) riding back into town. She loves the new soda fountain. While she’s there, she meets Mei Suo (Amanda Wong). Allie tells Nathan that Mei is beautiful. He says he hadn’t noticed.

Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) finds Rosemary (Pascale Hutton) cleaning up the headline board at The Valley Voice. Rosemary confides in Elizabeth that she thinks Lee is getting tired of her now that they both work at the newspaper.

When Calls the Heart Recap: Season 9, Episode 5

A makeover for Hickam

Bill (Jack Wagner) decides that if Hickam (Ben Rosenbaum) is going to be mayor, he needs some help. Bill tells Hickam he needs to change the way he dresses and that he must stop being so nice to everyone. He needs to show strength as the new leader of Hope Valley.

Elizabeth finds Lucas (Chris McNally) working on Lee’s motorcycle. He explains that he bought it and that he had been out for a ride because he was stressed about the deal with Jerome Smith.

Allie and Nathan have a talk

Allie confides in Nathan that has feelings for Robert (Jaiven Natt). While she is talking, she slips and calls Nathan “Dad.” Nathan suggests that she try just being friends with Robert.

Allie asks Nathan if he would consider shaving his mustache. “It hides your smile,” she says.

When Calls the Heart Recap: Season 9, Episode 5,

At the newspaper, Rosemary gets a call from her confidential informant. Desperate to find out who it is, Lee goes to Florence (Loretta Walsh) to find out who she patched through from the switchboard. Loretta leans forward and says, “None of your beeswax.” (How much do we love this woman?)

Minnie (Natasha Burnett) decides the best way to deal with Augustus Landis (Todd Thomson) is to show him kindness. She invites him to dinner, much to the dismay of Angela (Vienna Leacock) and Cooper (Elias Leacock).

A love poem

Rosemary finds a poem Lee wrote and tells Elizabeth she thinks it’s for someone else. Lee has been disappearing for periods of time, and she is afraid he is in love with someone else.

At the Canfields, Angela sits down at the piano to entertain Mr. Landis with some music. Before she can get more than a few seconds into the piece she is playing, Mr. Landis sits down next to her. He begins to coach her. It turns out he used to be a music teacher.

The next day, he sees Elizabeth and says he is going back to teaching music. As much as he likes the higher pay and the stability that come with being an administrator, he misses teaching.

When Calls the Heart Recap: Season 9, Episode 5


In a show of misguided testosterone, Nathan and Lucas decide to race against each other, Nathan on his horse, and Lucas on his motorcycle. Lucas breaks down by the side of the road and refuses Nathan’s offer of a lift back to town.

Fiona (Kayla Wallace) arrives back in town and tells Faith (Andrea Brooks) that she has closed an oil deal. Henry (Martin Cummins) comes to see her, furious that she allowed Jerome to buy Lucas out of the business.

Lee surprises Rosemary with two wooden chars he built with help from Joseph. He said they need to spend more time together, not less.

Lucas tells Elizabeth that he has never stayed put in one place for more than a short time but that if they were to marry, he would hurry home to her every night.

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