A photo from Season 5, Episode 5 of Chesapeake Shores, "They Can't Take That Away From Me"

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Chesapeake Shores recap Season 5, Episode 5, "They Can't Take That Away From Me"

Mick and Meg are setting up a booth in preparation for the Chesapeake Shores Day festival. Evan and Abby arrive and talk about going out to the construction site. Abby says they have a lot to get done.

“This is such a charming town,” Evan says, and mentions he has bought a little bungalow and will stick around for a while.

He says he can’t move into his new home until the next day and asks for hotel recommendations. Abby suggests Baltimore. He brings up the Inn at Eagle Point. Abby says he is checking in on the competition.

Bree and Jess spot Sarah coming out of the OBGYN’s office. They get excited, thinking that maybe she has some good news.

A photo from Season 5, Episode 5 of Chesapeake Shores, "They Can't Take That Away From Me”
Image: Crown Media

Connor’s law firm

Mick and Meg track down Connor. They say Dilpher is suing the company, alleging the fraud was Mick’s fault. Connor’s firm is representing Dilpher.

Connor says he knows. He tells them that he has proof that Dilpher forged Mick’s signature on several contracts.

“Abby and I have a plan,” Connor says. “Trust me when I say this, Dad, we’re going to get him.”

Abby is talking to Jess and David about Evan. Jess says she is looking forward to meeting him. She says she read his interview with Vanity Fair and that he’s really witty. he’s also handsome. Abby says that he may have a handsome face but that he can drive you crazy.

Evan appears. He says dinner smells wonderful. Jess asks if he is single. He is.

At the university, Jerome is talking to Bree about her course description. He says it sounds great, she just needs to pick out a title. He invites her to dinner to discuss it some more. When Bree seems hesitant, he clarifies that it is not a date.

“I wasn’t worried,” Bree says.

Friendly advice

Connor is at work. He notices some things are missing from his desk. He asks Margaret about it, reminding her she said someone might go through his desk. She denies saying that but adds, “If someone is going through your desk and you know that, you are in control of what they find.”

Bree and Luke running into each other at the coffee shop. He helps her come up with a few title possibilities for her course.

A photo from Season 5, Episode 5 of Chesapeake Shores, "They Can't Take That Away From Me”
(Image: Crown Media)

Connor tells Mick he thinks he’s being spied on. Abby says she has called other builders and asked them to pull up old contracts to look for discrepancies. If Paul Dilpher lied about their projects, he probably lied about others, she says.

Bad news

That night at the inn, Jess invites Evan to join her, David, Kevin, and Sarah at their table for dinner. While the men talk, she mentions to Sarah that she saw her at the doctor’s office.

“Do you have news?” she asks.

Sarah says no and then leaves the table. Jess follows her out to balcony. Sarah is crying. She says the doctor told her she has endometriosis and might not be able to get pregnant.

“I haven’t even worked up the nerve to tell Kevin yet,” she says.

Jess tells her that she and Kevin will be amazing parents.

“One way or another you will find a way to fill your arms with babies,” she says.

“I hope you’re right,” Sarah says.

Later that night, Jess and David are talking. She tells him that Sarah might have trouble conceiving.

“It’s not the end of the world though, to not be able to have a baby,” she says.

“No, but it is sad,” David says.

A photo from Season 5, Episode 5 of Chesapeake Shores, "They Can't Take That Away From Me”
(Image: Crown Media)

Nell’s magic

The next morning, Nell makes a casserole for Meg to bring with her when she goes to see Arthur Driscoll. Evan and Abby are talking about several historical artifacts that were unearthed at the construction site. She made some calls and has arranged for an archaeology team from the Smithsonian to take a look.

Nell and Meg bring the casserole to Driscoll’s house. He is happy to see Nell and invites them in. Nell asks what brought him back to Chesapeake Shores. He says the closest he ever came to happiness was when he lived here. They talk about the way the town used to be, and he gives her a painting of the old schoolhouse. He said he hasn’t painted or drawn anything in years.

Jess and Bree are talking. Jess says she is worried because she doesn’t know how to be a mother. Their mother left when she was so young, she never an example. Bree says she’ll be fine.

Jess admits she doesn’t know if she wants kids.

“Is that a terrible thing?” she asks.

Bree says no. Jess says she hasn’t talked to David about this, but that she will.

A photo from Season 5, Episode 5 of Chesapeake Shores, "They Can't Take That Away From Me”
(Image: Crown Media)

Bait and switch

At the office, Connor leaves some papers in his desk.

Abby drops Evan off at his new house, which is huge. He invites her in for dinner. She declines. As she is leaving, she sees Evan wandering in his new house, all alone.

Sarah tells Kevin that she might have trouble getting pregnant. He tells her as long as they have each other, nothing else matters

Jess asks David why he is marrying her. He says it’s because she’s awesome and that he loves her.

She says, “I think you should know that I might not be a very good mother.”

He tells her she might be wrong.

She says she might not know what she is doing as a parent. He says nobody knows what they’re doing as a parent.

“You figure it out,” he says. “Whatever happens we do it together.”

She asks, “What if I don’t want kids?

“You don’t?” He asks

She says, “I don’t know.”

She asks him if he would still want to marry her if she didn’t want to have kids. He hugs her.

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Lonely Evan

The next morning, Abby finds Evan at the house. He says he loves the O’Brien house because there is always so much going on. He says he never really had a family experience growing up. Abby says she is sorry.

Connor shows up to his father’s deposition with Paul Dilpher. He says he has proof that Dilpher forged Mick’s signature. He hands over paperwork from other companies that have found discrepancies.

Dilpher’s attorney says she has private correspondence between Connor and Abby saying that their father is not innocent. Connor says she has no right to go through his things. She says it was written during company time, and that it was found in the garbage. He says it was locked in hisdesk.

He then asks her to read the second page of the document. It turns out, Connor was telling Abby he thinks his dad finished Gran’s coffee cake. The document was a trap. He resigns and says he will be reporting the firm to the bar association for spying on him.

Mick and Connor leave and Mick asks him what he plans to do next. Connor says he doesn’t want to work for a big law firm. Mick says he should open a small practice.

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Good news all around

Kevin and Sarah are at the doctor’s office getting a second opinion. The doctor says plenty of women with endometriosis are able to have babies. She tells them to try for another six months and then if they have no luck, they can look at other options.

On Chesapeake Shores Day, Abby, Bree, and Jess win the triathlon. The chief of the fire department announces he is retiring.

At dinner that night, Mick toasts Connor and Abby and tells everyone that criminal charges are being brought against Paul Dilpher.

Jess announces that she wants Abby to be her maid of honor and Bree to officiate.

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