The end of When Calls the Heart? Fans fear Season 10 will be the show’s last

The end of When Calls the Heart? Fans fear Season 10 will be the show’s last

Fans disappointed that the Season 10 premiere of When Calls the Heart has been pushed back to July now have another issue with Hallmark Channel. Some Hearties fear that the series is coming to an end.

“I have shared with other #Hearties that my fear is S10 is the last season,” wrote one fan on Twitter. “#WCTH was the network’s flagship scripted episodic show. Now, it has been relegated to a mid-summer premiere. I’m not buying any other reason for the delay.”

“Hallmark cancels Chesapeake Shores which in my view was the best show on the network,” wrote another fan. “I hope your show does not get cancelled, but when you get put into the summer season, that tells me that is the end.”

Is Rosemary having twins? Fans began speculating when they saw Pascale Hutton's (faux) baby bump on Instgram. (Image: Instagram/@phutton)

Season 10 of When Calls the Heart

In past years, Hallmark’s hit series has premiered in either February or March. But earlier this month, Hallmark announced that Season 10 won’t premiere until July.

“#Hearties! It’s here!” read an Instagram post shared by the show’s page. “An EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK just for you of SEASON TEN! Save the date because the new season is arriving late July to @hallmarkchannel. The Hearties get the very first peek before it’s released worldwide!”

But some fans were disappointed by the delay.

“Relieved to hear it’s coming back but why the wait?” one fan wrote on Facebook.

Others accused Hallmark of abandoning When Calls the Heart to promote its two new shows, The Way Home and Ride.

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Season 1 of The Way Home premiered on January 15. Hallmark announced that the final episode of the season will air on March 26, the same night that Ride will premiere.

The end of When Calls the Heart?

While some Hearties despaired over the new premiere date, others were unconcerned about the timing.

“I think it was moved BECAUSE of the great fan base it has and shows the strength of the show,” one wrote on Twitter. “I think @hallmarkchannel
knows they can put #WCTH anywhere on their schedule and it will get great ratings. #Hearties.”

Brian Bird weighs in on the delay to Season 10 f When Calls the Heart. (Image: Twitter/@brbird)

So many Hearties spoke out that Brian Bird, the show’s co-creator, replied on Twitter.

“There are good reasons for every decision, most of them the #Hearties will never know, but #WCTH has been underestimated and counted out several times before,” he wrote. “I will only defer to Mark Twain on all the speculation… ‘the news of my death has been greatly exaggerated.’”

What are your thoughts, Hearties? Is this the end of When Calls the Heart?

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  1. This is sad but if true, it is the due to the direction the series took in S8. This show was headed for longterm success. It veered to far away from Janette Oke’s books, and lost its faithful fans. It can be fixed,but that is up to HM and the powers that be . I would suggest trying to do so. It has always been about the Mounty and the School Teacher, and it should have never been about the Teacher and the Saloon Owner. It’s fixable. The show will fail on the course it has taken. Want the fans back? Fix it!

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