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Evan opens up to Mick, asks if he can date Abby on Chesapeake Shores

When the episode starts, the O’Briens are waiting for word from Mick, who took his plane out to scatter his friend’s ashes off the coast. There is a storm coming in.

Kevin gets a call from a friend at the Coast Guard, who says Mick made a distress call around sunset. He said he was having mechanical failures and would try to land on one of the islands.

Meg is frantic. Nell tells her, “He is all right.”

“How can you be sure?” Meg asks.

“If anything happened to him I would know,” Nell said.

Meg says there is so much she hasn’t told him yet. Nell tells her to speak as if Mick were right there.

“I like the man he has become,” she says. “I want to spend the rest of my life with him.”

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Call from the hospital

Kevin gets a call from the Coast Guard. Mick has been located and is at the hospital.

The family goes to the hospital where they find Mick bruised and scraped and with a broken arm. Mick says he needs to get the plane repaired. Meg bursts out in anger.

“Mick, we thought we would never see you again,” she says. “How could you do that to me? To us?”


Sarah is sitting up in bed eating peanut butter out of a jar. She says she is craving avocados too. Kevin offers to get some.

Connor and Nell are having coffee. He complains of a headache. He tells Nell he needs to hire a paralegal and someone to keep his schedule. Nell offers to do that.

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“I used to do it for your grandfather when he started out,” she said.

Connor points out that a lot has changed since then.

“Oh yes,” Nell says sarcastically, “in my day we used telegraphs and, of course, homing pigeons.”

Evan comes to see Mick and starts talking about the hotel. Mick says he is upset that Evan tried to hire Abby away from him.

“Why, because she’s your daughter?” Evan asks.

“Because she’s my partner,” Mick says.

Nell on the phones

Nell is answering the phone at Connor’s office. The only problem is, she keeps telling everyone who calls to try to work out their problems.

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Evan and Mick are talking. Evan offers to make them some lunch. Mick asks Evan about himself. Evan says he grew up in Florida and that he was an only child. He never knew his father.

Mick gets a call. His plane has been salvaged. Evan offers to go with him to see it.

Luke and Bree are having coffee at the Bridge when his parole officer shows up. He says that Luke tested positive for amphetamines. There will be a hearing before the board, but he’s pretty sure Luke will go back to prison.

When he leaves, Bree asks Luke to tell him the truth. He says he never took drugs. She says she believes him and that he should fight it.

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Evan offends Mick

Evan and Mick are looking at what’s left of his plane.

“It’s a miracle you’re alive,” Evan says.

He offers to buy Mick a new plane. Mick gets offended.

Margaret shows up at Connor’s law office. She says she quit her job after he did.

“When you quit I thought, I want to work with a guy like that,” she says. “So here I am.”

He hires her on the spot.

Evan and Mandrake are having coffee. Mandrake says that something about the place has come to matter to him. Evan says it’s a beautiful town and that he likes the O’Briens. Mandrake says it is more than that.

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Help for Luke

Bree brings Luke to Connor’s office and asks for help with his hearing. Connor says he needs to get right to work because he doesn’t have much experience in this area of the law.

Evan apologizes to Mick. Mick says it is okay. Evan ends up talking about an accident he had when he was 18. He was in the passenger seat. He doesn’t know if the woman who was driving had been drinking or if she fell asleep at the wheel. All he remembers is waking up after they hit a bridge. He wasn’t wearing a seat belt. The airbags caught him but they messed up his back.

He pulled the woman from the car but she didn’t make it. The woman was his mother.

Margaret comes into Connor’s office. He is asleep on the couch. It’s the day of the hearing and they are still preparing.

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On the way into the courthouse, Connor stumbles and collapses. Bree calls an ambulance.

Mick and Evan are talking. Evan asks Mick how he would feel if he asked Abby out. Mick tells him she is a grown woman, so it is up to her.

On the way into the courthouse, Connor stumbles and collapses. Bree calls an ambulance.

Mick and Evan are talking. Evan asks Mick how he would feel if he asked Abby out. Mick tells him she is a grown woman, so it is up to her.

Connor returns to his office and assures Bree he is fine. He was just sleep-deprived and dehydrated. Luke and Bree leave. Margaret asks for the truth. He says the doctor says he nearly had a heart attack. He needs to rest, lay off the coffee, and try to relax.

David gets a phone call from his dad. He says he’s had some bad luck with his investments.

“Just don’t believe everything you hear, David,” he says. “I love you.”

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Yoga and relaxation

Connor is at a yoga class with Margaret. She asks him what he finds relaxing. He tells her about sitting around the fire pit at home with his siblings.

Connor asks if Margaret would like to come with him to the art show.

“Will your grandmother be there?” she asks.

“Yeah,” he says.

“Then I’m in,” she says.

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The art show

Arthur tells Nell he hates these parties. He would much rather be dancing. Nell takes him outside for a breath of fresh air.

Jess asks David what is wrong. He tells her about his father’s phone call.

“He told me he loved me,” he says. “He’s never done that.”

Mick asks Meg if she would like to take some time off and go traveling around the world. Meg says she would love that.

Kevin and Sarah are getting ready to leave for the art show when she clutches her stomach and collapses.

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