The pond at MacInnes Farms in British Columbia. (Image: Facebook/Jamestown Movie Set)

Flooding in British Columbia reaches the set of When Calls the Heart

The devastating floods that have killed at least one person and displaced thousands of others in British Columbia have reached the set of Hallmark Channel’s popular When Calls the Heart series.

A pair of photos posted to the Facebook page of the Jamestown Movie Set showed parts of the farm clogged with mud and water.

Photos of MacInnes Farms
Photos of MacInnes Farms shared to the Jamestown Movie Set Facebook fan page.

Filming finished just last week on Season 9 of the popular series.

Over the weekend, a weather system known as an “atmospheric river” hit the southern part of the province. Two straight days of high winds and record-breaking rainfall left roads destroyed and farms and homes in the area flooded.

Province officials have declared a state of emergency and estimate damages of more than a billion Canadian dollars, (roughly 790 million U.S. dollars). Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has pledged aid to the area, and members of the Air Force have been dispatched to provide aid to the more than 17,000 people displaced by the flooding.

Extensive damage

A farmer moves his lifestock via boat after flooding in British Columbia
A photo of a neighboring farm was shared to the Jamestown Movie Set Facebook page showing a man moving his lifestock via boat.

In another post shared on the Jamestown Movie Set Facebook page, moderators showed the damage to a neighboring farm.

“…A local family that we are supporting needs our help,” the caption said. “They have lost nearly everything. Phil has worked non-stop all week trying to save their farm. It looked like he was going to lose all 400 head of cattle, but this morning, volunteers with boats helped save many! Jamestown has so many kind and generous people who are in our circle, so we wanted to give you all the opportunity to help.”

They shared a link to the family’s GoFundMe page, which can be found here.

Jamestown Movie Set

When Calls the Heart is filmed on a set located at MacInnes Farms, a family-owned operation near Fort Langely in British Columbia.In another post to Facebook, one of the farm’s owners showed the pond that was the backdrop for the Season 8 finale kiss between Elizabeth and Lucas swollen to twice its usual size.

“Water that is the life thread to many farms is now the devastation of the farms,” wrote Melanie MacInnes. “Farming is a struggle and the ultimate connection to nature and the land.”

The Canadian Red Cross is accepting donations to help people affected by the flooding. Their website can be found here.

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