Fans of Hallmark Channel show Good Witch mark one-year anniversary of final season premiere

Fans of the Hallmark Channel show Good Witch took to social media recently to mark the anniversary of the show’s seventh and final season premiere.

“Yesterday was one of the worst days since this nightmare began…,” wrote one fan on Instagram. “#GOODIES were all day thinking of what we had last year that we don´t have now: our escape we need more than ever before, our hope, our relax hour, our HOME, our FAMILY!”

The show ran from 2015 to 2021 on Hallmark Channel. It was a spinoff of a series of movies the network made starring actress Catherine Bell. In the first of the movies, a mysterious woman moves to a small town named Middleton and takes up residence in an allegedly haunted house. Though the locals are wary of her at first, her kindness and charm win them over.

For many fans, it was the spiritual message behind the story lines that inspired them. On some social media posts, fans shared their favorite quotes from the series, including, “Taking a step in a new direction doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to be a step,” and, “If you spend too much time thinking about what’s bad, you may lose what’s good.”

Catherine Bell posted a photo to social media near the anniversary of the premiere of the Hallmark Channel show Good Witch's Season 7 premiere
(Image: Instagram)

Catherine Bell joins in

Even the star’s show got caught up in the anniversary. On Instagram and Twitter she shared a photo of herself in a witch’s hat holding a broom with the message, “Don’t make me flip my witch switch” painted on it.

“This made my day!” wrote a fan in the comments section. “Missing our Cassie so much!”

In response, Bell wrote: “…I guess I was missing her too!”

A fan responds to Catherine Bell's social media post.
(Image: Instagram)

Hallmark Channel show Good Witch canceled

Hallmark Channel stunned fans when it announced in July 2021 that the seventh season would be the show’s last.

“Good Witch has enchanted viewers for over a decade,” said Randy Pope, Hallmark’s senior vice president of programming and development. “We…extend our gratitude and thanks to the entire cast and crew for their dedication and hard work.”

Fans immediately began organizing to keep the show on the air. They began several petitions on and started posting on Instagram and Twitter in an attempt to save the show.

When Hallmark didn’t respond to the requests, fans turned their attention to Netflix, which had just agreed to produce an additional season of Manifest, an NBC series that had been canceled.

They also approached former Crown Media CEO Bill Abbott, who had been in charge of programming at Hallmark when Good Witch first aired. They petitioned him to revive the show on his new network, GAC Family.

Netflix popularity

The movement to save the show has grown in strength and numbers as the series was released for streaming on Netflix. Viewers from around the world who hadn’t been able to watch the series on Hallmark were able to watch it on the streaming platform. New fans hoping for another season of the show have joined forces with established Goodies, creating even more petitions.

Neither Netflix nor GAC Media, Abbott’s new company, have said whether they plan on reviving the show. Hallmark has already canceled another one of its series, Chesapeake Shores, which is currently in production for its final season.

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