Ellen Travolta (with co-star Lacey Chabert) in the Hallmark movie Haul Out the Holly. John Travolta congratulated his sister on Instagram, telling fans she had always wanted to be in a Hallmark Christmas movie.

John Travolta gave a shout-out to his sister, Ellen, on Instagram, congratulating her for her Hallmark Christmas movie debut.

“My sister Ellen always wanted to be in a Hallmark Christmas movie and had so much fun making it!” he wrote on his Instagram. “Watch Haul Out the Holly!”

Ellen Travolta co-starred with Lacey Chabert and Wes Brown in the Hallmark Christmas movie Haul Out the Holly, which premiered as part of Countdown to Christmas 2022.

John Travolta congratulates his sister on Instagram for her Hallmark Christmas movie debut in Haul Out the Holly.
(Image: Instagram/@johntravolta)

Hallmark Christmas movie

In Haul Out the Holly, Lacey Chabert stars as Emily, a woman who returns home during the holidays after a bad breakup with plans to just relax. But when she arrives, she finds out her parents (played by Carrie Morgan and Peter Jacobson) have plans to go out of town. Just when Emily resigns herself to binge-watching Christmas movies on her own for the week, she finds out she is expected to take her parents’ place in the neighborhood’s holiday festivities.

Wes Brown co-stars as her old friend who is now running the HOA in charge of the Christmas events. When she doesn’t share his enthusiasm for the holidays, he issues her parents an HOA citation.

To work off the penalty, Emily gets involved and finds herself competing with the neighbors, played by Ellen Travolta, Melissa Peterman, and Stephen Tobolowsky.

Dream come true

John Travolta was quick to promote his sister’s work, sharing a photo of the movie. In his Instagram feed, he shared a photo of himself with Ellen and their sister Ann taken in 1976.

“Thanks for always being by my side!” he wrote.

Ellen Travolta was born in New Jersey in 1939. She had roles in the television shows Medical Center, All In the Family, Happy Days, Visions, One Day at a Time, The Love Boat, Welcome Back, Kotter, Joanie Loves Chachi, and Quincy M.E. From 1987 to 1990 she co-starred with Scott Baio in the series Charles in Charge. She has also appeared in the movies Grease (1978), The Basket (1999), Lonely Hearts (2006), Falling Up (2009), Mistrust (2018), and The Untold Story (2019).

Haul Out the Holly is her first movie for Hallmark Channel. (We hope it’s not her last. She was fantastic!)


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