Just in time for the holidays — a cookbook for fans of the hit TV show Heartland

Just in time for the holidays — a cookbook for fans of the hit TV show Heartland

There’s a new cookbook on the market for fans of the hit TV show Heartland. The Unofficial Heartland Cookbook: A Cookbook for Fans of the Hit Show Heartland features 55 dishes that have been cooked and served on the show over the course of its 16-season run.

From Scott’s infamous Prairie Oyster Stew and Maggie’s Saskatoon Berry Pie to Grandpa Jack’s Stew in a Jar and Tim’s Cedar Plank Salmon, the book lets readers cook their way through some of their favorite episodes of the CBC show.

“Heartland is the longest-running one-hour drama in Canadian history and food and cooking has played a central part in almost every single episode,” reads a promotional snippet for the book on Amazon. “Family-style dinners served at the Heartland Ranch and classic Canadian entrees served at Maggie’s Diner are almost as memorable as any of the storylines on the show. Meals shared have played no small part in keeping the family engaged with laughter, tears, feuding sisters and the food making every meal a treat to watch.”

The hit TV show Heartland

The hit TV show Heartland is Canada’s longest-running one-hour drama. The series premiered on television in October 2007. Set in rural Alberta, the show told the story of a teenage girl who was living on her grandfather’s horse ranch following a tragic car accident that took her mother’s life.

Over the course of 16 seasons, the show has been nominated for more than 80 awards and has won the Directors Guild of Canada Award for Best Family Television Series five times.

The Unofficial Heartland Cookbook

The cookbook was written by Nita Abbott and Mike Hurley, fans of the series who took turns making and perfecting each of the recipes they shared. Abbott, who runs the Facebook page “Keep Heartland Strong” and has interviewed the show’s writers, actors, and producers for her YouTube channel (which can be viewed here), said she wanted fans to have printed material to go along with their favorite show.

Hurley and Abbott re-watched the series looking for episodes where the characters did any cooking and baking. They created recipes for the dishes and wrote accompanying text explaining when the dish was made on the show and what significance it played.

It took the authors nearly two years to complete the project. The book was published in September 2022.

Rave reviews

The book has received rave reviews from Heartland fans, who approve of everything from the book’s layout to the fact that the text includes a metric conversion chart.

“We may not be able to go there, but we can eat like we were there at Maggie’s, The Dude Ranch, and The Heartland Ranch,” wrote one reader.

“I don’t cook much, but this book makes me want to,” wrote another reader. “A must-have for any fan, and worth the money even if you don’t watch the show.”

The Unofficial Heartland Cookbook: A Cookbook for Fans of the Hit Show Heartland is available for purchase on Amazon. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each cookbook will go to support the Wild Horses of Alberta as well as to The Center for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, Ontario.

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