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James Denton and Teri Hatcher are back together in a Hallmark Christmas movie

James Denton and Teri Hatcher are reuniting for a Hallmark Christmas movie. The two will star in A Kiss Before Christmas, which is slated to air in November.

The pair made the announcement on Hatcher’s Instagram account.

“You guys, I’m so excited,” Hatcher said. “I’m finally working again. And you want to know why it’s even more exciting?”

She pans over to show Denton sitting beside her.

“We’re back,” he says.

“Yeah, it’s a thing,” she says. “It’s a thing. Stay tuned.”

Christmas magic

In the movie, Denton stars as a real estate development executive who wonders if his life would have turned out better if didn’t always take the nice guy approach. He wakes up to find his ex-wife (played by Hatcher) and his children are gone, and he is the CEO of his own company.

He decides he wants his old life back, but he only has until Christmas Day to convince his ex-wife that they belong together.

Image: Instagram/@officialterihatcher

Onscreen couple

Hatcher starred on the ABC series Desperate Housewives for eight seasons. Denton played her husband, Mike. Over the years the two came together, divorced, and got back together again before his character was killed.

Denton, who is also a producer on the film, said it was exciting to be working again with Hatcher.

“From the very beginning I wanted the first Hallmark Christmas movie I produced to be unique. I had no idea that we’d be lucky enough to get Teri. We’ve always wanted to work together again, and we found the perfect vehicle for what I think is the first ‘Desperate Housewives’ reunion,” Denton said in a press release. “And since we’re on Hallmark, I don’t have to worry about getting shot at the end.”

In another post, Hatcher shared side-by-side photos of the pair and wrote:

“Resurrected in the best way! We’re back and ALIVE for this charming heartfelt #christmasmovie on @hallmarkchannel Coming in November. #dontmissit #gladtobeback.”


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