Katie Findlay in Hallmark Channel's Love Strikes Twice

Katie Findlay in Hallmark Channel’s Love Strikes Twice. (Image: Crown Media)

Katie Findlay and Wyatt Nash tackle time travel and big life decisions in Love Strikes Twice


In Love Strikes Twice, successful attorney Maggie answers the ultimate life question: What if you could go back and do it all over again?

On the cusp of a divorce, Maggie wishes she could go back in time and change things, and lo and behold, she wakes up 15 years in the past.

It’s a tried and true premise that Hallmark puts to good use, according to the film’s stars, Katie Findlay and Wyatt Nash.

“I hope it reminds people that where you are today is ok, wherever you are,” Nash said during a Facebook Live event to promote the movie.

In the movie, which airs Saturday, October 2 on Hallmark Channel as part of its Fall Harvest event, Maggie is a corporate lawyer who uses her surreal experience of time travel not just to enjoy being young again, but also to examine what she is doing with her life. When she doesn’t like what she sees, she makes some changes.

“It was very comforting for me to move through the paces of someone who reevaluates how much good they are able to do in the world,” Findlay said.

The humor in reliving the past

Both Findlay and Nash said making the movie was a fun experience. In addition to interesting wardrobe choices — think wide-legged jeans — and prop hair, there are a lot of lighthearted moments to balance out the serious parts.

In addition to onscreen pratfalls, the movie has a blooper reel that runs for an hour and a half.

Some of the humor has to do with Katie’s awareness that everything she is doing in the past will affect her future. It gets to the point where she is watching everything she says, terrified of the consequences, Findlay said.

It didn’t hurt that Findlay and Nash are good friends off-screen. The pair met while making another Hallmark movie. In 2015’s The Bridge, they played college students who are assigned to each other as study partners.

Findlay said she was thrilled when she found out Nash would be co-starring in Love Strikes Twice.

“I adore you,” Findlay said to Nash. “The fact they let us do a movie together and expected it to not be like a child’s birthday party blows my mind.”


Along with the jokes and fun, Maggie must face the reality of having gotten so far off course with what she wanted for her life when she was young.

“Watching her reconnect with the important stuff…and realizing she can be successful and accomplished and independent and also do work that is meaningful and socially justice-based and ethical and helpful to where the world is right now, I think that’s something that everyone should be doing right now,” Findlay said.

Love Strikes Twice will air Saturday, October 2 on Hallmark Channel at 9/8c.

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