What's on Hallmark this weekend? The movie A Royal Runaway Romance

The Hallmark movie A Royal Runaway Romance

The Hallmark movie A Royal Runaway Romance is part of the network’s Spring Into Love event. The romantic comedy stars Philippa Northeast, Brant Daugherty, Sarah-Jane Redmond, and Vincent Gale.

The Hallmark movie A Royal Runaway Romance: The plot

Princess Amelia of Bundbury (Northeast) is preparing to take over royal duties for her mother (Redmond), when she falls in love with the American artist commissioned to paint her portrait. When her boyfriend returns home to Chicago, Amelia hatches a plan to visit him while on a trip to the US to see her uncle (Gale).

When she arrives in Los Angeles, her uncle lends Amelia a car and tells her to see her boyfriend in Chicago. He sends along a bodyguard (Daugherty) to keep an eye on her. As the two travel across the country, they grow closer, and Amelia starts to wonder if she has picked the wrong man.

The Hallmark movie A Royal Runaway Romance: The stars

Philippa Northeast in the Hallmark Channel movie A Royal Runaway Romance

Philippa Northeast

Northeast got her start as a child actress in Australia. She had starring roles in the TV shows Home and Away, Standing Up For Sunny, and Bondi Slayer.

A Royal Runaway Romance is her first Hallmark film.

Brant Daugherty

Brant Daugherty is a Hallmark veteran. He starred in the movies Mingle All the Way, Timeless Love, and The Nature of Romance. He has also had roles on the TV shows Pretty Little Liars, Freakish, and Relationship Status.

During a 2021 with Access Hollywood, Daughterty talked about how his wife went into early labor while he was on location filming the Hallmark movie The Baker’s Son.

The film was supposed to wrap two days before his wife’s due date.

“I thought, I’ll take the film as a way of providing for my family, and hopefully I’ll make it,” he said. “A lot of first babies come late.”

But his wife ended up going into labor early. Daugherty called her in between every take. Finally, after 30 hours in labor, she opted for a C-section, which Daugherty was able to watch on a FaceTime call.

“It was a little intense,” he said in an interview with Hallmark. “I was doing my best to hold it together from a thousand miles away.”

Premiere date

A Royal Runaway Romance will premiere on Hallmark Channel on Saturday, April 9 at 8/7c.

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