When Calls the Heart Season 9, Episode 6: Past, Present, Future

When Calls the Heart Season 9, Episode 6: Past, Present, Future

When Calls the Heart Season 9, Episode 6: Past, Present, Future highlighted the many changes in Hope Valley.

When the episode opens, Nathan (Kevin McGarry) is trying to put a saddle on Newton. The horse is still spooked from the accident, so Nathan leads him out of the stables. The main road is clogged with cars, and Nathan ends up directing traffic.

Lee (Kavan Smith) goes to Bill’s office to complain about all the traffic in Hope Valley. Bill (Jack Wagner) replies that there is nothing he can do since he is not the mayor. He suggests Lee use his power as a newspaper editor to get something done. Bill then tells Nathan he can’t ride Newton until the horse has fully recovered.

Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) and Rosemary (Pascale Hutton) are chatting when they hear yelling from the soda fountain. Three children come running out splattered with ice cream. It turns out Allie (Jaeda Lily Miller) and Robert (Jaiven Natt) got into an ice cream fight. Mei Suo says she only left for a minute. Nathan hauls Allie to his office for a chat.

When Nathan speaks to Allie in private, she is contrite but also pleased with herself for landing a shot of ice cream right in Robert’s face. Allie leaves to help clean up the shop, and Nathan tells Elizabeth that his niece reminds him of his sister.

Allie and Robert had a food fight at the soda fountain.
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At the Mercantile, Florence (Loretta Walsh) complains to Ned (Hrothgar Mathews) about how rude some of the customers are. Just then, Molly (Johannah Newmarch) enters and displays perfect manners. This gives Florence an idea.

Hickam (Ben Rosenbaum) stops by to see Dr. Faith Carter (Andrea Brooks). She is surprised when he asks her out to dinner. He says that she has an analytical mind, and that he could use her advice in his new job as mayor. She agrees, saying it would be nice to take a break from her heavy workload.

Over at the newspaper office, Rosemary is disturbed by the noise coming from outside. When Lee investigates, he finds Joseph working with a group of men to build a billboard. Lee asks what is going on, and one of the workers pushes him. A fight breaks out, and Lee ends up in the infirmary. He tells Rosemary that the billboard was advertising jobs at the foundry.

Nathan and Newton on When Calls the Heart
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The opinion piece

Lee prints an opinion piece in the Valley Voice saying Hickam is responsible for the town’s problems. The newspaper sells so well that Lee wants to publish a second edition. But Rosemary talks him out of it, saying the attention they are getting for the newspaper isn’t the right kind of attention. She also disagrees that Hope Valley’s problems are Hickam’s fault.

In a meeting with Lucas (Chris McNally), Henry (Martin Cummins) said he is concerned that Jerome Smith might want to reopen the mine.

Florence and Molly decide to start a newspaper column titled “Minding Your Manners with Molly.”

Molly Sullivan (Johannah Newmarch) on When Calls the Heart
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During a visit to the soda fountain, Bill asks Mei if she has told Nathan about her husband. Mei insists Jeffrey is not her husband. Bill says that sometimes people too upset to deal with the truth feel safer believing a lie.

Elizabeth and Jack stop by the stables. Nathan asks if she is still up for teaching him how to drive a car. She says yes.

Elizabeth then visits Joseph. She wants to build a wagon with bookshelves. During school holidays, she plans on traveling to rural areas to distribute books.

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