When Calls the Heart star Kevin McGarry is making a Hallmark Christmas movie. Woot woot. (Image: Hallmark Media)

Kevin McGarry said he believes that his character on When Calls the Heart, Nathan Grant, was meant to be with Elizabeth (played by Erin Krakow).

“I have always liked Nathan and Elizabeth as a couple,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “I think Nathan was created for Elizabeth.”

McGarry spoke to ET’s Deidre Behar ahead of the Season 11 premiere of the show. In addition to Nathan and Elizabeth’s romance, he touched on how important Lucas (played by Chris McNally) would continue to be part of the series.

Kevin McGarry

Kevin McGarry joined the cast of Hallmark’s longest-running original series in Season 6. His character, Mountie Nathan Grant, was sent to the small town of Hope Valley following the death of Mountie Jack Thornton (played by Daniel Lissing).

He soon found himself developing feelings for Jack’s widow, Elizabeth Thornton (played by Erin Krakow). Over the next two seasons, he found himself in competition with businessman Lucas Bouchard for Elizabeth’s affections. She finally chose Lucas in a controversial Season 8 finale that left some fans saying they would never watch the show again.


Though Lucas and Elizabeth became engaged in Season 9 and spent much of Season 10 planning their wedding, they broke off their engagement.

When Hallmark released a poster for Season 11, it showed Nathan and Elizabeth gazing at each other affectionately. Both McGarry and Krakow have confirmed that there will be a romance between their characters in Season 11.

McGarry said he believes Nathan stayed single during the last two seasons because he was meant to be with Elizabeth.

“I think it was always meant to be this and that they were meant to be endgame,” he said. “And I really like how it’s been done.”

Erin Krakow also weighed in.

“I think it’s really nice. It’s always wonderful working with Kevin and really lovely to get to tell this story and kind of give that back to all of the Kevin fans — and the Nathan fans,” she said.

Nathan and Lucas

McGarry also teased a possible shirtless scene, saying “Nathan’s been working out in his garage” and adding that fans will see “more of Nathan
in Season 11 than you ever have before.”

He also mentioned co-star Chris McNally’s character Lucas, saying he will remain an important part of the series. The actor also apologized to fans who were upset by the change in storylines.

“…I’m sorry if anybody is hurt, but I really think the show is moving to a really beautiful place and I hope you stick around and watch it,” he said.

Season 11 of When Calls the Heart will premiere on Hallmark Channel on Sunday, April 7 at 9/8c.

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