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A contractor. A Victorian mansion. A dead body. All the elements of a great murder mystery can be found in Hallmark’s Framed for Murder: A Fixer Upper Mystery. The 2017 film, starring Jewel Kilcher and Colin Ferguson, was the first in a series of three films based on the books by Kate Carlisle.

A California native, Carlisle worked in television production for years before turning to writing. Her first series was the Bibliophile Mysteries, which followed book restoration expert Brooklyn Wainwright as she solved crimes. The first in the Fixer-Upper series, A High-End Finish, was published in 2014. Since then she has alternated titles in each series.

Jewel Kilcher and Colin Ferguson in Framed for Murder: A Fixer-Upper Mystery.
(Image: Crown Media)

The Fixer-Upper mysteries are set in the small resort town of Lighthouse Cove in California. In the first of the series, contractor Shannon Hammer discovers a dead body in the basement of one of the houses she’s renovating. She becomes the prime suspect in his death.

Books in the Fixer-Upper series include:

1. A High-End Finish
2. This Old Homicide
3. Crowned and Moldering
4. Deck the Hallways
5. Eaves of Destruction
6. A Wrench in the Works
7. Shot Through the Hearth
8. Premeditated Mortar
9. Absence of Mallets

There are 16 titles in the Bibliophile Mysteries:

Homicide in Hardcover
If Books Could Kill
The Lies That Bind
Murder Under Cover
4.5 Pages of Sin
5. One Book in the Grave
6. Peril in Paperback
7. A Cookbook Conspiracy
8. The Book Stops Here
9. Ripped From the Pages
10. Books of a Feather
11. Once Upon A Spine
12. Buried in Books
13. The Book Supremacy
14. The Grim Reader
15. Little Black Book

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In 2017, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries released the first of three films based on the books. The second, Concrete Evidence: A Fixer-Upper Mystery, followed later that year. A third, Deadly Deed: A Fixer-Upper Mystery, was released in 2018.

Carlisle is active on social media. On her Instagram page, she posts photos from fans. Her website can be found here:

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