Brendan Penny recently said he would love to work with Erin Krakow again. (Image: Hallmark Media)

Over the years, Brendan Penny has starred in more than 15 movies for Hallmark. From romantic comedies such as Autumn in the Vineyard (2016), A Dash of Love (2017), and Beverly Hills Wedding (2021) to the mysteries Along Came a Nanny (2014) and The Gourmet Detective (2015), the actor has worked with all the network’s greats.

In a recent interview, the Chesapeake Shores star revealed which Hallmark star he would love to work with again.

Penny said he wants to make a sequel to the Wedding Cottage because he had so much fun with Erin Krakow.

“I hope it could have 10 films out of it so I could work with Erin again,” Penny said in an interview with Just Jared.

Hallmark star Brendan Penny

Penny and Krakow delighted fans of Chesapeake Shores and When Calls the Heart when they collaborated on the romantic comedy The Wedding Cottage, which premiered on Hallmark in April 2023.

In the movie, Krakow plays Vanessa, a wedding planner who promotes her new book by holding a contest to give one lucky couple an all-expenses paid wedding.

The winning couple, played by Drew Henderson and Matreya Scarrwener, are in a hurry to tie the knot, as he is about to get deployed. Vanessa finds out that the bride and groom want to get married at a house in the town of Stony Brook, Vermont, known as the Wedding Cottage. She contacts the home’s new owner, a reclusive sculptor named Evan (played by Penny).

He is reluctant to let his house be used as a venue, but Vanessa’s persistence wears him down. As they prepare for the big day, Vanessa and Evan find out that the cottage is a special place for the people of Stony Brook. They also begin to develop feelings for each other.

Erin Krakow and Tyler Hynes in the Hallmark movie It Was Always You. Krakow recently indicated she would love to make a sequel to the movie. (Image: Hallmark Media)


During a Facebook Live event to promote the movie, Penny and Krakow talked about how much fun they had making The Wedding Cottage.

“It was a lot of laughter,” Krakow said.

“Every day on set was just super fun,” Penny said.

Both actors said they were excited to find out they would be working together.

“It was kind of shocking that we hadn’t worked together yet,” Penny said.

Brendan Penny starred for six seasons on the Hallmark series Chesapeake Shores. Krakow headlines Hallmark’s longest-running original series When Calls the Heart.

A sequel? A series?

In a recent interview, Penny said he already had some ideas for a sequel.

“They could make a second movie out of it for sure,” he said. “Where we have our wedding at the Wedding Cottage, you know, and the hijinks that are involved with that.”

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