Mountain views and not a Spanx in sight: Nancy Travis weighs in on the perks of starring in Hallmark’s epic rodeo series Ride

Mountain views and not a Spanx in sight: Nancy Travis weighs in on the perks of starring in Hallmark’s epic rodeo series Ride

Nancy Travis loves being part of Hallmark’s rodeo series Ride. In a recent interview, the actress touched on all the things she enjoys about being part of the show. High on the list are the location (they shoot on a working ranch in Alberta), her co-workers, and the show’s storylines. But wardrobe tops it all.

“Oh my God, I just want to say, what I love, love, love about this part is it’s completely Spanx-less,” Travis told People magazine. “It’s such a joy to just work in jeans and shirts, and it can be dirty and don’t have to be pressed. So Isabel has maybe a dozen pairs of jeans. But it’s sort of like cowboy boots. I mean, once you have a pair that fits, that’s the pair you wear over and over again. And the more worn in, the better they are.”

Nancy Travis

A native of Queens, Travis worked on Broadway before landing her breakout role in the 1987 box office hit Three Men and a Baby. She went on to star in the movies Internal Affairs (1990), Air America (1990), Passed Away (1992), Chaplin (1992), So I Married an Axe Murderer (1993), Greedy (1994), and Fluke (1995).

Travis has also appeared on the TV shows Almost Perfect, Becker, Last Man Standing, and The Kominsky Method.

Hallmark's new show Ride features Nancy Travis as the matriarch of the McMurray clan, a family desperate to hold on to their ranch following a personal tragedy. (Image: Hallmark Media)


Ride premiered on Hallmark Channel on March 26. In the show, Travis plays Isabel McMurray, the matriarch of a rodeo dynasty. Isabel, who lost both her husband and her oldest son to bull-riding accidents, struggles to decide whether she can afford to hold on to her family’s Colorado ranch.

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“Every actor craves big stakes, and it comes down to what are you willing to fight for and how are you going to fight for it and what matters,” Travis said in an interview with The List. “For Isabel, her family matters. Even though the ranch is her big focal point and passion in her life, and the family is very much a rodeo family, and that’s a very big factor in their lives, she’d take a bullet for her family and will claw somebody’s eyes out to protect them. That’s what drives her.”

Learning on the job

Travis said she had a lot to learn when she took on the role of Isabel.

“I had no prowess when it comes to horseback riding,” she told People. “The most complex horseback riding I had ever done is maybe on a trail ride where I’m on some very old horse that just follows the one in front of it and carousels.”

New episodes of Ride air on Hallmark Channels on Sunday evenings. Check your local listings for start times.

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