The poster for Season 9 of When Calls the Heart

Hallmark releases the poster for Season 9 of When Calls the Heart

Hallmark has released a poster for When Calls the Heart ahead of the Season 9 premiere. The poster, which was released exclusively to ET Online, features Erin Krakow and Chris McNally in the foreground, with Kevin McGarry and newcomer Amanda Wong in the background in front of the town of Hope Valley. A tagline reads, “Where will love lead you next?”

Some fans were thrilled with the design, commenting on social media about how they can’t wait for the Season 9 premiere in March. Others were less enthusiastic.

“Not getting sucked in this season,” wrote a former fan on Hallmark Channel’s Facebook page. “Last year was such a disappointment.”

“Hope she comes to her senses and realizes she should have picked Nathan,” someone else wrote.

Other unimpressed fans weighed in with one-word comments.

“Na,” wrote one

“Meh,” wrote another.

Season 8 heartbreak

Many fans are still reeling from the show’s Season 8 finale, which aired on Hallmark Channel on May 9. In the episode, called “The Kiss,” lead character Elizabeth Thornton (played by Erin Krakow) finally decided between two suitors who had been pursuing her since Season 6.

Some viewers were shocked when she chose businessman Lucas Bouchard (played by Chris McNally) over Mountie Nathan Grant (played by Kevin McGarry). Elizabeth’s first husband on the series, Jack Thornton, was also a mountie (short for Royal Canadian Mounted Police).

But in a June interview, the show’s co-creator said that a Nathan-Elizabeth romance would have been too similar to the one she shared with Jack.

“We wanted to find a new way to do a love story for Elizabeth, so we didn’t just repeat the same storylines,” Brian Bird said. “I feel a big responsibility to give the Hearties Hope Valley for as many seasons as possible.”

New possibilities for Nathan

Kevin McGarry also defended Elizabeth’s choice in a recent interview on the Hallmark Happenings podcast.

“Where we’re going with the show is new and exciting,” he said. “…In any kind of storytelling, things need to change.”

One of the possibilities the network has hinted at is a new romance for Nathan. In trailers released ahead of the Season 9 premiere, Nathan meets a beautiful newcomer to Hope Valley, played by Amanda Wong.

He also has a friendship with Faith, who works at the town clinic. And Fiona Miller, played by his real-life girlfriend Kayla Wallace, is also single.

Not every Heartie was disappointed when Elizabeth chose Nathan. Some fans commented on social media about how they can’t wait for the relationship to develop.

“Also love how lovingly Lucas is gazing at Elizabeth like he always does,” one fan wrote on Facebook.

Season 9 of When Calls the Heart will premiere on Sunday, March 6, on Hallmark Channel at 8/7c.

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