Evan Williams as Elliot Augustine in the new Hallmark series The Way Home. (Image: Hallmark Media)

Evan Williams: The Way Home is exactly the kind of show we need right now

The star of Hallmark’s new series The Way Home says the show is exactly what audiences need right now. In an exclusive interview with TV Cheddar, Evan Williams said that when he first read the script for the series, he was struck by how timely it was.

“We’re coming out of a couple of years of real pressure and trauma,” Evans told TV Cheddar in an interview that can be viewed here. “There’s nothing that’s going to traumatize you in our show…but at the same time that doesn’t mean that we can’t have stakes and we can’t have compelling storytelling.”

The Way Home

Hallmark’s new series premiered on January 15 to an audience of 2.4 million viewers. Starring Andie MacDowell, Chyler Leigh, and newcomer Sadie Laflamme-Snow, the show follows three generations of women in one family who struggle to come to terms with painful events from their past.

The series was written by Heather Conkie and Alexandra Clarke, a mother-daughter team who have written for Disney and collaborated on the CBC series Heartland.

Elliot Augustine

In the show, Evan Williams plays Elliot Augustine, a friend of Kat Landry (Leigh), who returns to her small hometown following a split with her husband. Elliot is a teacher at the local high school, and it soon becomes clear he knows more about the Landry family than they know about each other.

When Kat’s teenage daughter, Alice, falls into a pond on the family’s farm, she is able to travel back in time to 1999. Not only does she get to meet her mother when she was a teenager, but she also gets to see what her grandmother was like before a tragedy changed her life forever.

Evan Williams and Andie MacDowell in the new Hallmark series The Way Home. (Image: Hallmark Media)
Evan Williams and Andie MacDowell in the new Hallmark series The Way Home. (Image: Hallmark Media)

Williams, who has starred in films and TV shows in Canada and the U.S., said he was intrigued by the character when he read the script.

“That was what really attracted me to this role,” he said, “was getting to be the outsider who is trying to make his way to the inside and he doesn’t have an agenda, he’s not a Machiavellian character, he’s a true-hearted person and he wants to love and he wants to actualize his life.”

About Evan Williams

Evan Williams is a native of Alberta, Canada. He earned his theater degree from Ryerson University (now Toronto Metropolitan University).

From 2015 to 2018 he starred in the TV series Versailles and in 2019 he appeared on Fuller House (the reboot of Full House). He has had roles in the movies Blonde, Midnight at the Magnolia, Escape Room, and Paradise Club.

For the full interview, click here.

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