When Calls the Heart star Kevin McGarry is hard at work on a Hallmark Christmas movie. Life is awesome.

When Calls the Heart star Kevin McGarry is hard at work on a Hallmark Christmas movie. Life is awesome.

When Calls the Heart star Kevin McGarry is making a Hallmark Christmas movie in British Columbia. The actor, who recently became engaged to his TV co-star Kayla Wallace, is starring in Christmas Goals. The hockey-themed movie will be released by Hallmark either for Christmas in July or Countdown to Christmas 2023.

The Vernon Morning Star reported that filming took place at a local ice arena called Kal Tire Place. The rink was decorated to look like the home of the Idaho Falls Flying Trout and dozens of extras lined the stands.

The newspaper reported that draw prizes, coffee, donuts, and muffins were given out to the people who showed up to be in the movie.

Hallmark Christmas movie

McGarry will star in the movie with Kim Matula and Brittany Mitchell. Matula, who played Hope Logan on the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful, made her Hallmark debut in the Miracles of Christmas 2022 lineup.

Kim Matula is thrilled to be making her Hallmark debut in the Countdown to Christmas movie Ghosts of Christmas Always

The actress played Katherine, who works for the Department of Restoring Christmas Spirit as a Ghost of Christmas Present. According to a synopsis from Hallmark, “Katherine loves her job, visiting Earth every Christmas to help one unsuspecting soul rediscover their Christmas spirit. But this year has something unusual in store for her. Along with her co-workers, Ghost of Christmas Past Arlene (Tan Chinn) and Ghost of Christmas Future Roy (VelJohnson), their assignment is a man named Peter (Ian Harding). They’re not sure why they’ve been assigned to him because, unlike their typical cases, Peter’s Christmas spirit is on point. When it appears that Katherine and Peter just might be fated for each other, their assignment starts to head down an unusual path toward none of them could have expected.”

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In an interview with TV Cheddar, Matula said she was thrilled to be joining the Hallmark family.

“Hallmark movies are so beloved!” she said. “I’m thrilled to finally be in one. To quote my aunt, an avid Hallmark movie viewer, ‘There’s no nasty language and people are just nice.’ It’s hard to be inundated daily with the tragedies of the world. These films are a reminder that not everything has to be so dark. These movies fill you with cheer and immediately make you feel cozy.”

Kevin McGarry

Christmas Goals (the title could change, so we will keep fans updated) marks McGarry’s fifth Christmas movie for Hallmark. He also starred in A Song For Christmas (2017), Christmas Scavenger Hunt (2019), When Calls the Heart: Home For Christmas (2019), and My Grown-Up Christmas List (2022).

The actor, who joined the cast of When Calls the Heart in 2019 as Mountie Nathan Grant, will return to work on the series over the summer. Season 10 of When Calls the Heart over the summer. will premiere on July 30.

Kevin McGarry celebrates his birthday in a photo posted to his Instagram account. (Image: Instagram/@kevin_mcgarry_w)
(Image: Instagram/@kevin_mcgarry_w)

The actor recently celebrated his 38th birthday and posted a photo to Instagram with the caption, “This is 38! A little wiser, and my back hurts more! Thank you all for the lovely and heartwarming messages! So grateful for everything!”

Hallmark has not yet given a release date for Christmas Goals.

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