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Marcus Rosner in The Love Club: Nicole's Pen Pal. (Image: Hallmark Media)

Three new Hallmark movies added to May lineup

Three new Hallmark movies are being added to the network’s May lineup. The films, which are part of Hallmark’s Love Club series, will premiere over Memorial Day weekend, bringing the total number of new movies being released in May to seven.

New Hallmark movies

The Love Club is a new series of movies featuring four women who have been friends for 10 years and have made a vow to always be there for one another should any of them encounter relationship challenges at any point in their lives.

The first movie in the series, The Love Club: Nicole’s Pen Pal, debuted on the Hallmark Channel in March. The film, which starred Brittany Bristow and Marcus Rosner, introduced viewers to Nicole, Sydney, Lauren, and Tara, a group of friends who refer to themselves as The Love Club.

In Nicole’s Pen Pal, the club sets out to help Nicole (Bristow), track down the mysterious man she has been exchanging letters with. Their mission takes them to the mountains, where romance, comedic imposters, female bonding, and plenty of mishaps ultimately help The Love Club to find Nicole’s true love.

The Love Club: Sydney’s Journey

The three other films in the series were released in Canada and on Hallmark Movies Now, the network’s streaming service. They will debut on American cable TV over Memorial Day weekend.

The second movie in the series is The Love Club: Sydney’s Journey, starring Lily Gao and Hallmark favorite Jesse Hutch. Gao plays Sydney, a former star track athlete who runs a successful food blog and still holds a torch for her college boyfriend.

The Love Club: Lauren’s Dream

In The Love Club: Lauren’s Dream, Chantal Riley stars as Lauren, a woman who put her dream of opening an art gallery on hold while her husband, Peter, moved up in his career. According to a synopsis from Hallmark, “Her resentments eventually overshadowed the love they once shared bringing them to the brink of a split.”

The Love Club: Tara’s Tune

Finally, The Love Club: Tara’s Tune will premiere on Memorial Day. In the movie, Camille Stopps stars as Tara, a free-spirited woman who firmly believes she doesn’t need a husband to make her life complete. Tara is so convinced she doesn’t need to find love that she decides to marry herself and invites all her friends to help plan a commitment-to-herself party. According to a synopsis from Hallmark, the task becomes comically challenging when her mother arrives expecting an actual wedding.

The Love Club: Sydney’s Journey will premiere on Hallmark Channel on Saturday, May 27 at 8/7c.

The Love Club: Lauren’s Dream will premiere on Hallmark Channel on Monday, May 29 at 6/5c.

The Love Club: Tara’s Tune will premiere on Hallmark Channel on Monday, May 29 at 8/7c.

For a list of the other new movies premiering in May, click here.

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