The most handsome Hallmark dads

The most handsome Hallmark dads

Hallmark dads come in three flavors: handsome, handsome, and seriously handsome. It makes perfect sense. The network is known for picking good-looking leading men, and over the years, many of these hunks have started families.

In an interview, Andrew Walker (one of these handsome dads) talked about the stability the network can provide for actors in an otherwise unpredictable industry.

“You know, there’s no stability anywhere out there,” he said in an interview with Heavy. “And here are all of these actors in our 40s, wherein the general landscape of our industry we would be kind of at the tail end, which is sad to say. But here we are now [at Hallmark] and this is the fans’ [doing]. They watch the movies and give us that ability to continue to thrive and to bring them new stories with the same faces, just different combinations and storylines.”

Some Hallmark dads have even met their partners while working for the network. At least one — the handsome Brant Daugherty — became a dad while he was on the set of a Hallmark film.

Keep reading for a list of the network’s most handsome dads — in no particular order, since they all rock.

Marco Grazzini

Our list of the most handsome Hallmark dads includes Marco Grazzini, pictured here with his daughter. (Image: Instagram/@themarcograzzini)
(Image: Instagram/@themarcograzzini)

Marco Grazzini is one of our favorite handsome hallmark dads because he fell for a fellow Hallmark star. Grazzini, who starred in The Story of Us (2019), A Taste of Summer (2019), A Valentine’s Match (2020), Right In Front of Me (2021), Hearts in the Game (2023), and Haunted Harmony Mysteries: Murder in G Major, started dating Alvina August — who starred in the Hailey Dean Mysteries — in 2014. They welcomed their daughter in September 2023.

“best birthday ever🐣 #girldad,” Grazzini wrote in the caption of a September 7th Instagram post that showed him holding his infant daughter.

Their fellow Hallmark stars weighed in.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Congrats @themarcograzzini,” wrote Tamera Mowry-Housley. “So happy for you guys. She’s beautiful.”

“This is awesome!!!!❤️❤️❤️” wrote Colin Lawrence.

Grazzini posted later on in the comments that though he considered his daughter a birthday gift, she wasn’t born on his birthday.

“No we don’t share birthdays😂,” he wrote. “Just zombie new parent late posting.”

Brennan Elliott

Our list of handsome Hallmark dads includes Brennan Elliott, pictured here with his children. (Image: Instagram/@brennanelliott2)
(Image: Instagram/@brennanelliott2)

Brennan Elliott is the proud (and handsome) dad of two children with his wife, Cami. The Cedar Cove star posts frequently about his family. He has even shared the news of his wife’s battle with gastric cancer.

In a recent Instagram post, the Flower Shop Mysteries star shared a photo of his kids at a baseball game with the caption, “I’ve always said being a dad is the not only the best but most difficult role I’ve ever played! When the world seems out of balance these two always bring my perspective back to what’s important! We decided to watch a ball game and even though dad is a hockey fan it was so much fun to spend the day watching these incredible athletes with my precious babies!”

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Chris McNally

Chris McNally is one of our favorites. Not only does he play one of the sweetest stepfathers-to-be on the hit series When Calls the Heart, he also fell for and had a baby with his Hallmark co-star Julie Gonzalo.

McNally and Gonzalo met while starring in the 2018 Hallmark movie The Sweetest Heart. In June of 2022, Gonzalo shared the news on Instagram that they had welcomed a baby together.

“Our hearts are full…” she wrote in the caption.

She shared another photo of McNally on Father’s Day in 2023 with the caption, “Happy Father’s Day love… she’s a lucky little lady.”

Rushi Kota

Our list of the most handsome Hallmark dads includes Rushi Kota, pictured here with his son. ((Image: Instagram/@rushikota)
(Image: Instagram/@rushikota)

Handsome dad Rushi Kota became a father only days before starring in his first Hallmark movie.

In an interview with Us Weekly, the actor said his wife was due to give birth the day he began work on the rom-com Make Me a Match.

Kota said he and his wife, Reeshelle, tried “everything” to naturally speed up labor.

“Miraculously, he must have heard us because my wife’s water broke the next day and he was born after a smooth delivery,” Kota recalled of his son’s March arrival. “I just remember working on my character and memorizing lines in between changing diapers and no sleep.”

He said it was tough being away from his newborn son but said, “I’m proud of the movie and can’t wait to watch it with him when he’s older.”

Brant Daugherty

Our list of handsome Hallmark dads includes Brant Daugherty. (Image: Instagram/@brantdaugherty)
(Image: Instagram/@brantdaugherty)

Like Kota, handsome dad Brant Daugherty also had a scheduling conflict when it came to the due date of his baby and his work for Hallmark.

When the actor found out his son was expected to arrive two days after shooting wrapped for the 2021 rom-com The Baker’s Son, he was conflicted about whether or not to go through with the movie.

“I thought, I’ll take the film as a way of providing for my family, and hopefully I’ll make it,” he said in an interview with Access Hollywood. “A lot of first babies come late.”

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But Daugherty was still on location in Vancouver when his wife, Kimberly Hidalgo, called him from Los Angeles to say she was in early labor.

“It was a little intense,” he said, in an interview. “I was doing my best to hold it together from a thousand miles away.”

Daugherty called her in between every take. Finally, after 30 hours in labor, she opted for a C-section, which Daugherty was able to watch on a FaceTime call.

“Whenever I watch this movie I’m going to know that the day we did the scene on the dock was the day I was waiting for my son to be born,” he said.


Andrew Walker

Our list of most handsome Hallmark dads includes Andrew Walker, pictured here with his sons. (Image: Instagram/@awalkk35)
(Image: Instagram/@awalkk35)

Of course, no list of handsome anything would be complete without Andrew Walker.

The Hallmark star shares two sons with his wife, Cassandra Troy. The two met in 2004 and married in 2012.

In an Instagram post he shared what made their partnership so special.

“In the first week we met (circa 2004!), we discovered each other’s love for nature. It started with a hiking trip in @monttremblant. Followed countless small wilderness adventures, and some big, big trips which are always centered around being in nature. … I’m grateful for generous friends with cottages and a couple days in nature with you (and our littles).”

While Walker continued to work as an actor — he has been in 27 Hallmark movies to date — the couple also started a juice company called Clover.

Their first son, West Byron, was born in 2015 and a few years later they rebranded the company Little West. Their second son, Wolf Reinhard, was born in 2019.

Luke Macfarlane

Our list of most handsome Hallmark dads includes Luke Macfarlane, pictured here with his daughter. (Image: Instagram/@ten_minutes_younger)
(Image: Instagram/@ten_minutes_younger)

Luke Macfarlane and his partner, Hig Roberts, welcomed daughter Tess Eleanor Macfarlane on June 4, 2023.

“We started life with some hectic days and received world class care,” Macfarlane wrote on his Instagram page. “On Father’s Day we got to take her home. Her Dads can’t wait to introduce her to all the remarkable people and the beautiful world we live in.”

His fellow Hallmark stars congratulated him in the comments section.

“Luuuuke!! You were made for this,” wrote Bethany Joy Lenz. “I’m so so happy for you.”

“Ahhhhh amazing!!!! So exciting!!!! Congratulations,” wrote Chesapeake Shores star Meghan Ory.

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“This is incredible news!!” wrote Ali Sweeney. “I am SO happy for all three of you!!!!!! Congrats.”

Viv Leacock

Our list of most handsome Hallmark dads includes Viv Leacock, pictured here with two of his three children. (Image: Instagram/@vivleacock)
(Image: Instagram/@vivleacock)

Not only is Viv Leacock a handsome dad, he also brings his children to work with him. The When Calls the Heart actor co-stars with his son, Elias, and daughter, Vienna, on the hit Hallmark series. (His third child, Lennox, is also an actor though he doesn’t appear on the show.)

Leacock says he is grateful he gets to work with his family. In an interview, he said his daughter was unsure about whether to audition for the series until one of the producers, Peter DeLuise, sent her a video.

“He made a video of himself saying, ‘Vienna, I will not let you fail,’” he said.

Paul Greene

And, of course, there’s handsome dad Paul Greene. The When Calls the Heart star regularly shares the most adorable photos and videos on Instagram of his two sons, 19-year-old Oliver and 2-year-old Austin.

In a 2019 interview, Greene shared the personal philosophy he hopes to impart to his children.

“My philosophy is to find a way to add value to others so that your life makes a difference, and the world is left better than it was before you entered into the conversation,” Greene said. Whatever that means, if it is in school, the volleyball team, business or anywhere else—always find a way to add value wherever you are. It’s about how you live your life as a contribution to others, not just what can I get from it or how can I get more or better, but how do I add value and contribute to others. I feel that is the key to happiness.”

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