Andrew Walker and Brittany Bristow find love on safari in new Hallmark movie

Andrew Walker and Brittany Bristow find love on safari in new Hallmark movie

The new Hallmark movie Love on Safari features Andrew Walker and Brittany Bristow. The film, one of six new Hallmark movies to premiere in August, was filmed on location at the Mabula Game Lodge and the Lion & Safari Park.

In an Instagram post, Andrew Walker talked about grateful he was to be part of the film.

“Gratitude is an understatement,” he wrote. “With all that’s going on right now in our industry and a lot of our peers out of work, this has been a trip and a job that we truly feel so fortunate to be a part of. This was a family project, written, produced, acted and directed by the beautiful Bristows. I was brought into the fold and immediately felt like family. Thank you for this unforgettable experience, jobs like this are few and far between. We can’t wait to share this movie with you all.”

New Hallmark movie

In the movie, Brittany Bristow plays Megan, a research scientist who is working on a game reserve in South Africa while pursuing her Ph.D. in ethology. She is assigned to take a theme park designer (played by Andrew Walker) around the reserve so he can gather ideas and images for an interactive safari-themed attraction.

As they explore the savanna and observe giraffes, elephants, and lions, they open up to each other about their dreams and begin to grow close.

Things are going well until a woman from Tim’s past arrives to take over the project. Megan begins to wonder if she should be growing close to someone who will soon return to the United States.

Family production

The movie was written by Agnes Bristow, who is Brittany’s mother. Leif Bristow — Brittany’s father — directed the movie. He and his daughter have worked on several movies together, including the Hallmark rom-com A Tail of Love.

In an Instagram post, Brittany shared a photo from the set.

“It’s not every day you get photobombed by a giraffe… twice…” she wrote. “Shandor, thank you for making so many days while filming so special and for being the best driving instructor. It was so nice to be able to see you again and I hope we get to see each other sooner rather than later.”

A Safari Romance will premiere on Hallmark Channel on Saturday, August 12 at 8/7c.

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