Fans are hoping for Season 7 of Chesapeake Shores. Already two petitions have been started on to bring the series back.

Will there be a Season 7 of Chesapeake Shores? Hallmark Channel wrapped up the sixth season of its hit series Chesapeake Shores on October 16. The finale was jam-packed with plot developments. Kevin and Sara have their baby, Evan proposed to Abby, Mick turned the family business over to Abby, Luke and Bree broke up and kinda got back together, and Megan and Mick got remarried.

Most fans were thrilled with the way the story lines wrapped up.

“Absolutely BEAUTIFUL ending to a stunning series!” wrote one Chessie on Facebook. “I sobbed my heart out.”

Some have already decided that six seasons isn’t enough. There are already two petitions on asking for Hallmark — or Great American Family — to renew the series for Season 7.

Season 7 of Chesapeake Shores

Chesapeake Shores has been a staple of Hallmark programming since it premiered in 2016. Based on the best-selling books by author Sherryl Woods, the show followed a single mother (Meghan Ory), who returns to her small coastal hometown following a divorce. She is immediately thrown back into the drama of her large family and she reconnects with ex-boyfriend Trace Riley, who was played by Jesse Metcalfe. The show also starred Dianne Ladd as the family’s formidable matriarch, Nell O’Brien, and Barbara Niven and Treat Williams as Abby’s parents. Brendan Penny, Emilie Ullerup, Laci Mailey, Jessica Sipos, and Andrew Francis also starred in the show.

Fans are petitioning for Season 7 of the Hallmark series Chesapeake Shores
Fans are petitioning for Season 7 of the Hallmark series Chesapeake Shores.

For six seasons fans watched the O’Brien family navigate the ups and downs of their lives. Metcalfe dropped out of the series shortly before filming began on Season 5. After his character left town, a handsome, eccentric billionaire (played by Robert Buckley) turned up in Chesapeake Shores. He eventually won over Abby with his charms.

‘Comforting and entertaining’

Some fans have decided that more seasons of the show are needed. So far, two petitions have been started on to save the series.

“‘Chesapeake Shores’ is a family-friendly, family-oriented, comforting and entertaining show that we’d love to see renewed by Hallmark Channel or picked up by another network (Great American Family?)” reads the text of one of two petitions on “It’s perfect for the entire family to watch and has an extremely loyal following, even as it closes out its 6th year. For anyone who thinks you can never go home, this show inspires otherwise. And in these trying times, people need this type of uplifting programming to remind them of what’s important. We’re hoping that the producers will either convince Hallmark to change course and renew them for a 7th season, create a spinoff with many of the same characters, or else convince another outlet to pick them up.”

The text of the second petition reads, “For six seasons we have followed the O’Brien family and seen them through many ups and downs. The show can’t end now. Not when there are so many stories left to tell such as Jess and David having a baby and Connor and Margaret representing Dennis Peck for his trial. Please sign this petition so we can see this and so much more. We need this show back. If not for more seasons than at least for a few movies.”

The petitions can be accessed here and here.

Chessies, what do you think? Do we need more of the O’Brien family?

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