Corey Cott and Stacey Farber in Hallmark Channel's Butlers in Love. (Image: Crown Media)

Stacey Farber says Butlers in Love is a one-of-a-kind love story


When Stacey Farber got the script for Butlers in Love, she was fascinated. The lead character in the movie dreams of becoming a butler, an ambition she found endearing and amusing. The lead character also gets accepted into a school that trains butlers, something Farber had never heard of before.

“My big pitch for Butlers in Love is that I haven’t seen a movie like this,” she said during a recent interview on the Hallmarkies Podcast.

Farber, who plays lead character Emma in the romantic comedy, said she learned a lot while making the film, from how to dress the part to how to set a table for a full-course meal in only minutes.

In her interview, Farber also teased the romantic parts of the movie. Her character, Emma, falls for fellow student Henry, played by Corey Cott, who comes from a long line of butlers.

“My character does not like him until she starts to like him,” Farber said. “And yeah, you guys, the viewers, get to go on that journey with her fighting her feelings.”

Farber has been acting since she was in elementary school. Her breakthrough role came on the Canadian series Degrassi: The Next Generation. She said she loves working with Hallmark.

“Nothing bad happens,” she said. “It’s just good viewing. …It’s heartfelt and an escape from everyday stress.”

Not your typical 9-to-5 gig

In Butlers in Love, Emma finally gets accepted into a butler training academy after years of trying.

“She’s worked as a server, and she’s taken language classes, and she’s done everything she can to improve her application,” Farber said.

Butler academies do exist, and they offer courses in everything from silver service to household management.

“It pays extremely well, apparently,” Farber said. “And you get to travel a lot, and you get to meet fabulous people, and live in beautiful places.”

In the movie, teachers use competitions and timed exercises to train the students. Farber said this made for a lot of pressure when they were filming.

“We were working at a really fast pace,” she said.

Love in the ranks

One of the great dynamics of the film is the romantic tension between Emma and Henry, Farber said. While Emma struggles to get everything right, Henry finds it all pretty easy. Also, while becoming a butler is a dream for Emma, Henry would much rather be a chef. He’s only at the academy to make his family happy.

Overall, the movie is full of energy and heavy on comedy, according to Farber.

“I think it’s an interesting escape and an invitation to go to a butler academy with us,” she said. “And to laugh, I’m hoping.”

Butlers in Love will premiere on Hallmark Channel on Saturday, January 29 at 8/7c.

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