Everything you need to know about Chyler Leigh

In an industry where careers come and go, Chyler Leigh has remained a force to be reckoned with. The North Carolina native began working in Hollywood in 1997 and has appeared in countless movies and TV shows since. The actress has become a new staple at Hallmark Media, where she stars in and produces the […]

Chyler Leigh teases Season 2 of The Way Home

Chyler Leigh told fans to expect more action and plot twists in Season 2 of Hallmark’s The Way Home. The actress made the comment while appearing alongside fellow cast mates Sadie Laflamme-Snow and Evan Williams at New York Comic Con. When the panel moderator asked for teasers for the upcoming second season, Leigh replied, “S**t […]

Actress Chyler Leigh talks about taking risks and pushing boundaries in new Hallmark series The Way Home

Actress Chyler Leigh, who stars with Andie MacDowell in the new Hallmark series The Way Home, recently gave an interview in which she talked about taking risks and pushing boundaries. The Grey’s Anatomy star, who plays Kat Landry in the multi-generational drama, said the show is exciting because it takes a different approach to storytelling. […]

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