Chyler Leigh teases Season 2 of The Way Home

Chyler Leigh teases Season 2 of The Way Home

Chyler Leigh told fans to expect more action and plot twists in Season 2 of Hallmark’s The Way Home. The actress made the comment while appearing alongside fellow cast mates Sadie Laflamme-Snow and Evan Williams at New York Comic Con.

When the panel moderator asked for teasers for the upcoming second season, Leigh replied, “S**t gets real.”

The Way Home

The Way Home premiered on the Hallmark Channel in January 2023. It was the network’s first new scripted series since Chesapeake Shores, which ran from 2016 to 2022 on the network.

In the show, Chyler Leigh plays Kat Landry, a woman who returns home with her 15-year-old daughter, Alice (Sadie LaFlamme-Snow), when she receives a cryptic letter from her mother, Del (played by Andie MacDowell), asking for help.

The team behind Hallmark's new show, The Way Home

Season 1

In Season 1, Kat and Alice arrive in Port Haven to a cool reception from Del. When Kat asks Del about the letter, Del insists she never sent it.

Alice, who knows only that her mother and grandmother have been estranged since the disappearance of her Uncle Jacob 20 years ago, finds herself lost and alienated in her new home.

While out exploring her grandmother’s farm, Alice falls into a pond and finds herself transported to the year when her uncle disappeared. She befriends a younger version of her mother and her mother’s friend Elliot, who is her English teacher in the present day.

Throughout the first season, Alice travels back and forth in time and begins to understand her mother and her grandmother. She also finds out that Elliot knows that the Landry women can travel through time and that he has agreed to help the family with an important secret.

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More secrets and surprises

In a frenzied season finale, Kat figures out that Jacob disappeared after following the family dog into the pond. She also gets a vision of herself as a witch in the 19th century being chased by an angry mob.

During the Comic Con appearance, Leigh said it was surreal portraying the witch version of her character.

“I got that long hair, the wig. It was so ethereal and haunting and dark, and I didn’t even really know why. And it’s funny because Kat didn’t even really know why.”

She also said that viewers will find out more about the origin story in the second season.

Evan Williams, who pays the adult Elliot in the series, added that Season 2 will feature “answers, more questions.”

Season 2

Filming has already begun on the second season. Hallmark has not given a release date but if Season 2 follows the same schedule as Season 1, it will premiere in January 2024.

In a statement, a Hallmark exec that more of the back story will be revealed in the upcoming season.

“Season two is sure to bring more drama and mystery as the Landry family’s history is revealed,” said Laurie Ferneau, senior vice president of development at Hallmark Media.

We will be updating this story as more information becomes available.

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