Actress Danica McKellar has moved to Tennessee. In a recent interview, the Hallmark and Great American Family star said she and her family have left Los Angeles to live on a rural homestead an hour north of Nashville.

“My husband and I have been wanting more nature for a long time,” McKellar told People magazine. “We were kind of ready to not be in a city anymore.”

In an Instagram post, McKellar said she feels like a character in one of the romantic-comedies she stars in.

“Yep, my Christmas movie characters are definitely rubbing off on me,” she wrote. “Big city life traded in for the country!”

The actress added, “I’ve lived in beautiful California my entire life; in Los Angeles since I was 7 years old. And I’ve never been happier. Excited for the seasons, too!”

Danica McKellar has moved to Tennessee

Tennessee has a special place in McKellar’s heart. Soon after she started dating her husband, Scott Sveslovsky, she had to shoot a movie on location in Kentucky. They missed each other so much that he flew to Nashville to see her and she drove an hour-and-a-half to see him. They spent a romantic weekend in Nashville and fell in love with the city.

“Memphis and Nashville are both entertainment cities. They’re known for music,” McKellar said. “Being from L.A. and being an entertainer, it’s nice to have creative people around.”

Career move

McKellar made headlines last year when she announced that she had signed an exclusive contract with Great American Family, a new network started by Crown Media Family Network’s former CEO Bill Abbott. As part of the deal, she will star in and executive produce four movies for the company.

One of these films, Christmas at the Drive-In, will premiere as part the network’s Great American Christmas lineup.

Though she is a fan of romantic comedies in general, she loves Christmas movies.

“…I think what audiences love about Christmas is this feeling of nostalgia and family and traditions and warm fuzziness,” she said in an interview. “Really, what we want is that warm fuzziness.”

Danica McKellar in the movie Christmas at the Drive-In. The actress revealed that she has moved to Tennessee.
Danica McKellar in the movie Christmas at the Drive-In. (Image: Great American Media.)

A Californian born and bred, McKellar first appeared on the small screen as Winnie Cooper in the ABC program The Wonder Years, which ran from 1988-1993. After finishing the series, she went on to study mathematics at UCLA.

In her work as an undergraduate, she helped author a mathematical-physics theorem, the Chayes-McKellar-Winn theorem. She has written 11 books about math and runs a website devoted to the subject.

She continued her acting career as well, making guest appearances on The West Wing and the The Big Bang Theory. Over the years, she has appeared in the Hallmark romcoms Crown for Christmas (2015), Christmas at Grand Valley (2018), and Christmas at Dollywood (2019). She also starred in Crown Media’s Matchmaker Mysteries series.

New place

McKellar is now living on her homestead with her husband, her son, Draco, (whom she shares with ex Mike Verta), and her mother, Mahalia. They have begun renovating their new home and they hope to eventually put in a pool, though McKellar is enjoying the trampoline they have too much to make serious plans.

The actress said she loves being around nature and her family.

“I am just loving the fact that my Christmas movie characters have rubbed off on me,” she said. “I think it’s just a wonderful example of life imitating art.”


John Stamos and Danica McKellar have weighed in on the new Cameron Candace Bure podcast. The podcast, which premieres November 1, will feature Bure and guests talking about everything from faith to fashion.

“The Candace Cameron Bure Podcast launching November 1st,” Bure wrote in a recent Instagram post. “Click the link in my bio for more details and SUBSCRIBE NOW! #ccbpodcast.”

Her Full House and Fuller House co-star John Stamos replied with, “I’d watch that! I’d listen to that! And I hope I’m on it someday! Can’t wait….”

Danica McKellar responded with, “Yay!!! ❤️”

John Stamos weighs in on new Candace Cameron Bure podcast

Cameron Candace Bure podcast

In a statement to Variety, Bure explained why she decided to do a podcast.

“I’ve been interviewed a whole lot in my 40 plus years on television,” she said. “I thought it was time to have in-depth conversations about things I really care about — and have lots of fun at the same time!”

The podcast is being launched by her production company, Candy Rock Enterprises, which is also creating content for Great American Media. Her first Christmas movie for the new network, Candace Cameron Bure Presents: A Christmas…Present, will premiere on November 27. The second, Christmas on Candy Cane Lane, will premiere on December 3.

Podcast preview

Bure posted a preview of the podcast on her Instagram page.

“No matter who you are, life can be a roller coaster,” she said. “But in the beauty and the chaos life is full of love, joy, and kindness. This podcast isn’t about me, it’s about you. I’m here to introduce you to some of my friends
and to have open conversations about life’s challenges, celebrations, and everything in between.”

Bure also has a clothing line with QVC, a partnership with Lancer Cosmetics, and she works with Christian gifts company DaySpring.

“I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit, even as a teenager,” she said in a recent interview. “I knew that I loved the entertainment industry and I did love acting, but I always felt like I wanted more,“I didn’t just want to be an actor, which is a great thing. I wanted more, so I was always positioning myself and trying to learn, as a young adult, what else I could do — the other aspects of the industry like producing or directing. I’ve loved watching people grow. I love seeing other entrepreneurs pursue their dreams.”

Candy Rock Enterprises will launch “The Candace Cameron Bure Podcast” on Nov. 1. Season 1 will be released on video via the AccessMore podcast network and on YouTube. It will also be available on multiple audio podcast channels and at


Danica McKellar: Lori Loughlin didn’t deserve prison time

According to Danica McKellar, Lori Loughlin didn’t deserve prison time for her role in an infamous college admissions scam. The actress made the statement in response to a question about her fellow Hallmark star at the iHeartRadio Music Awards in Los Angeles.

“She’s a wonderful person, she always has been, and it would be challenging to find a person who hasn’t made a mistake in their life,” McKellar told a reporter. “She served her time. I’m not going to speak to whether or not she deserved that. Personally, I don’t think so — but she served the time.”

Loughlin was sentenced to two months in prison for her role in the scandal. She and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, pleaded guilty to fraud charges after they paid so-called “fixers” to help their daughters gain admittance to the University of Southern California. They were among 50 parents charged in what officials called Operation Varsity Blues.

Danica McKellar in the Matchmaker Mysteries series.

Loughlin completed her prison sentence in December of 2020. She completed 100 hours of community service. According to reports from US Weekly, Loughlin also paid $500,000 to put two students through college.

When Calls the Heart

When news of the admissions scandal broke, Loughlin was starring Hallmark Channel’s longest-running original series When Calls the Heart. The show took a month-long hiatus as writers and producers decided what to do with her character, Abigail Stanton. They chose to write her off the show.

But Loughlin returned to television in December of 2021. Her When Calls the Heart character made an appearance on the show’s spinoff series, When Hope Calls.

Hallmark produced the first season of When Hope Calls. It was picked up by a new network, GAC Family, for Season 2. Loughlin appeared as Abigail Stanton in a Christmas special for the series.

Daniel Lissing and Lori Loughlin on When Hope Calls. Great American Family is working on a new Christmas movie for 2022 called Someday at Christmas..
Loughlin and Daniel Lissing on the set of When Hope Calls Christmas. (Image: Instagram/@daniellissing)

Danica McKellar: Lori Loughlin didn’t deserve prison time

McKellar spoke about Loughlin in response to a question about her own involvement with GAC Family. The network started programming in September 2021. It is run by former Crown Media CEO Bill Abbott.

In October, McKellar signed an exclusive multi-picture deal with the network.

During her appearance on the red carpet at the iHeartRadio Music Awards in Los Angeles, McKellar spoke of her work with GAC Family and Hallmark.

”I’ve done 16 movies for the Hallmark Channel, and I loved my time there,” she said. “In this network, I get a much more hands-on role with executive producing, and it’s really exciting to sign this multi-picture deal with them and be creating movies.”


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