Hallmark Movies and Mysteries "To Catch a Spy."

Hallmark takes viewers to the Mediterranean in its latest murder-mystery, To Catch a Spy

Nathalie Kelley in the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries film To Catch a Spy.
(Image: Crown Media)

Hallmark continues its Summer Nights event with a trip to the Mediterranean in the whodunit To Catch a Spy, which will debut Sunday, June 20, at 8/7c.

The film stars Nathalie Kelley (Dynasty, The Vampire Diaries) who plays Chloe, a travel writer invited to cover the reopening of a grand old Optima Hotel in Malta. She’s barely had time to check into her suite when she overhears an argument between a couple in the room above hers, and then sees a woman falling past her window. By the time she can alert the staff, the body has disappeared.

Chloe teams up with FBI agent Aaron Maxwell (played by Colin Donnell), and her co-worker Sara (played by Patti Murin), to solve the case.

All three of the film’s stars said it was amazing to film in Malta.

“Just being here surrounded by so much history is really a dream come true for me,” Kelley said.

For Donnell, the biggest thrill was filming in the country’s famed Upper Barrakka Gardens and watching the cannon salute on the battery. Though the firing of the cannons is ceremonial these days, in centuries past the twice-daily salute was made so ships in the Grand Harbor below could calibrate their clocks.

“The vista that you get to look out over is just stunning,” he said in a Hallmark interview.

(Image: Crown Media)

Broadway veterans Donnell and Murin, who are married in real life, said it was fun to work on the same project, even if they only had one scene together.

“We love working opposite each other but honestly, it’s just nice to be able to travel together,” Donnell said.

To Catch a Spy will premiere on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries on Sunday, June 20 at 8/7c.

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