Abby and Mandrake on Chesapeake Shores

Wesley Salter as Mandrake on Chesapeake Shores (Image: Crown Media)


Wait...isn't that? When Calls the Heart star appears on Chesapeake Shores

Hearties may have noticed a familiar face on Chesapeake Shores in Season 5. Wesley Salter, who plays Wyman Walden on When Calls the Heart, has been playing Mandrake, chauffeur and personal assistant to series newcomer Evan Kincaid (played by Robert Buckley).

Though he has had few lines, Salter’s Mandrake has become a memorable character on the show. For one thing, no one knows his real name. Mandrake is simply the nickname given him by his boss. Presumably it stands for Mandrake the Magician, the star of a 1930s comic strip of the same name.

Evan’s biggest fan

On Episode 7, Mandrake came to Evan’s defense when Abby accused him of being lazy for not reading all the documents sent to him. Mandrake explains that Kincaid has dyslexia and that it went undetected as a child.

“No one believed in him so Evan had to believe in himself,” Mandrake says.

Wesley Salter as Wyman Walden on When Calls the Heart. (Image: Crown Media)

On When Calls the Heart

Though he plays a sympathetic character in Chesapeake Shores, Salter’s When Calls the Heart character is not so likable.

Wyman Walden came into Hope Valley and conned a young couple, Clara (Eva Bourne) and Jesse (Aren Buchholz), out of their life savings. He is working with a group of businessmen who want to build a factory and have already started buying up lots around town.

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