What happened on When Calls the Heart, Season 9, Episode 11, "Smoke on the Water"

What happened on When Calls the Heart? Lee got a job offer, Carson called Faith, and Henry surprised the whole town in a daring move.

What happened on When Calls the Heart:

When the episode opens, Elizabeth is worried about Lucas. He seems distant and withdrawn, and she still hasn’t had a chance to open her birthday gift. She suspects it is an engagement ring, and she is afraid that Lucas has changed his mind.

Elizabeth runs into Rosemary, who is no longer feeling nauseated. Elizabeth points out this could be a sign that her pregnancy is progressing. Rosemary says it could also be a sign that she is not pregnant. She says that she and Lee had prepared themselves for life without children, and she plans on moving forward with the life they had.

Bill leaves town to see if he can get an emergency order to stop the mine from reopening. His cough is severe.

Florence finds ads posted around town saying the mine is hiring. Furious, she tears them all down. When she sees Lucas, she says he is just as responsible as Henry for the mine reopening.

Nathan stops by the pharmacy, where he finds Faith looking for cough medicine for Bill. He says Mei sent him a letter to let him know she is fine.

What happened on When Calls the Heart
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Quality time

Florence asks Ned to close the shop for the day so they can spend some time together. Allie rides into town on a tandem bike and offers to help Robert deliver the mail.

In a meeting, Jerome tells Henry that he doesn’t think Fiona is a good fit at the oil company. Meanwhile, Arthur invites Fiona to dinner. She is offended, pointing out that she is his subordinate at the company and she expects to be treated with respect.

Elizabeth suggests that she and Lucas go for a horseback ride. He insists on going alone, as Rosemary wants to give Elizabeth a day of beauty.

Minnie and Angela return home. Minnie has a letter for Joseph from her father, but Joseph is not interested. He says he is the doe provider for the family and that he doesn’t need Minnie’s family’s help.


During her day of beauty, Elizabeth confesses that she thought Lucas was going to propose on her birthday. He still hasn’t given her a gift, and she worries that maybe he has changed his mind.

At a meeting between Jerome, Henry, Arthur, and Fiona, an expert says the mine can safely be reopened. Henry realizes the man has been bribed.

That evening, Lucas goes to the saloon to meet Elizabeth and finds her hair and clothes have been styled to make her look like Rosemary. Over dinner, he tells Elizabeth that the ride really cleared his head and that it would be nice to live in a more remote area.

At the mercantile, Molly answers the phone. It’s Carson calling for Faith.

Elizabeth goes to see Lucas at his office. She tells him she is worried that he was going to propose but then changed his mind. Lucas pulls out her gift. It is a pair of earrings.

Arthur visits Lee at the newspaper office and says his company wants Lee to write opinion pieces. He says Lee can work from Chicago, New York, or Los Angeles. Lee says the newspaper is really his wife’s business. Arthur says he is leaving town the next day, so he needs Lee’s answer soon.

Henry goes to the coal mine and blows up the entrance with dynamite.

When can fans expect to see Season 10 of When Calls the Heart? That's a good question.Ned and Florence on Hallmark Channel's When Calls the Heart
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Leaving town

Bill tells Henry he should leave town and lay low. It won’t be long before they figure out he was behind the explosion at the mine.

“I can’t condone what you have done, but thank you,” Bill says.

Molly and Faith have a heart-to-heart. Molly says she wants to tell Bill about how she feels but she is afraid of getting hurt. Faith says she knows the feeling. Meanwhile, Bill and Nathan talk, and Nathan says he has feelings for someone. Bill tells him to go after the woman he loves.

Elizabeth goes to see Lucas at the saloon but he has left town. He has also left her a letter.

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The previews for the season finale looked incredible. It seems that Rosemary really is pregnant. It looks like Lucas might finally put a ring on it. And the saloon catches fire. It’s going to be a looooong week.

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