What happened on When Calls the Heart, Season 9, Episode 10, "Never Say Say"

What happened on When Calls the Heart? Rosemary found out she might be pregnant, Henry made a deal to re-open the mines, and Florence hauled off and gave Henry a good slap when she heard the news.

What happened on When Calls the Heart

When the episode starts, Elizabeth is beside following Lucas’s arrest. Though she believes he is innocent, many people in Hope Valley believe that he conspired with Walden Wyman.

Hickam visits Bill at his office and says he wants to resign as mayor.

Lee insists on taking Rosemary, who is weak and nauseated, to see Dr. Carter. The doctor says a stomach is going around. Lee begins walking Rosemary back to the newspaper office when they run into Arthur Gilchrist. Unfortunately, Rosemary loses her lunch right there on the street.

Nathan runs into Fiona, who is a nervous wreck over the upcoming meeting with the investors.

Bill (Jack Wagner) and Hickam (Ben Rosenbaum) on Hallmark Channel's When Calls the Heart
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“Our Time Has Come”

At the jail, Lucas thanks Elizabeth for believing in him. She gives him a gift box. When he opens it, he finds a pocket watch engraved with the words “Our Time Has Come.”

Bill gets a phone call from the lawyer representing the man who hit Nathan with his car. The man says he was paid by Walden to plant gambling ledgers in Lucas’ office. He wants to make a plea deal. It would exonerate Lucas but it means the man wouldn’t serve time for hurting Nathan.

During the meeting between the investors, Gilchrist says he would like to go see the coal mine.

Rosemary goes back to the infirmary. Faith tells her she might be pregnant. Rosemary is astounded. She and Lee have waited so long to become parents. She asks Faith if they can keep the news between them until she can be more certain.

“It would break his heart,” she says.

Jerome Smith and Arthur Gilchrist arrive in Hope Valley on Hallmark Channel's When Calls the Heart
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The evidence

At his office, Lucas shows Elizabeth where the ledgers were planted.

Lee visits the cafe and apologizes to Joseph for making the phone call to get Joseph and Minnie the loan from the bank.

Elizabeth and Rosemary quarrel about Rosemary’s plans to run an article about Lucas’ arrest. Elizabeth begs her to reconsider, but Rosemary says she needs to do what’s right as the editor of The Valley Voice.

When the editorial comes out, Elizabeth apologizes to Rosemary. She says printing the piece was the right thing to do. Rosemary shares the news that she might be pregnant.

Nathan visits Elizabeth and tells her he will go ahead with the deal that will exonerate Lucas. She thanks him.

Jerome suggests to Henry that they let Fiona run the oil business and that they focus on re-opening the mine.

Bad news travels fast

Lucas says he has Elizabeth’s birthday present and pulls out a jewelry box. But before she can open it, Bill calls. He says that Henry Gowen has agreed to reopen the mine. Lucas is crestfallen and shares the news with Elizabeth. Little Jack climbs into Lucas’ lap and tries to push the edges of his mouth into a smile.

Florence and Molly pass Gowen on the street. When he greets them, they ignore him. Gowen chases after them and starts to apologize but before he can finish, Florence slaps him.

“How could you let this happen?” she asks.

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