Pascale Hutton shared a first look at her baby bump in a Season 10 teaser for When Calls the Heart.

What happened on When Calls the Heart? Elizabeth celebrated her birthday with Jack and Lucas. Wyman Walden arrived back in Hope Valley. And Nathan and Mei said an emotional farewell to each other.

But the biggest surprise came at the very end of the episode. In a preview for Episode 10, Rosemary dropped a hint to Elizabeth that she might be pregnant!

What happened on When Calls the Heart

When the episode opens, Elizabeth receives red roses as a birthday gift from Lucas. When she calls him to say thank you, she mentions that Abigail called to wish her a happy birthday. (Side note: Hallmark was pretty adamant that Lori Loughlin would NOT be returning to the show, but the fact that her character is still being mentioned is interesting.)

Fiona arrives back in town from her trip to San Francisco with bad news. She tells Lucas that Henry confronted Jerome about re-opening the mine. Jerome changed the deal, saying he would only go through with it if Lucas agreed to stay on the board for one more year. This is a problem, as Lucas already told Elizabeth that he was getting out of the oil business.

Wyman Walden shows up at the saloon and tells Lucas that he is going to buy The Queen of Hearts.

Wesley Salter as Wyman Walden in When Calls the Heart
(Image: Crown Media)

Sting operation

Lucas tells Elizabeth that he attempted to catch Wyman swindling people out of their savings (as he did to Jesse and Clara) in a sting operation. It did not go well, and that is how Lucas ended up with a black eye. Elizabeth suggests he go see Bill.

Fiona is giving Lee a haircut when Rosemary asks if she can borrow the salon to give Elizabeth a day of beauty for her birthday. Lee mentions that a man named Arthur Gilchrist of the Hearst newspaper empire is coming to town to talk about The Valley Voice. Fiona says Gilchrist is part of the oil company deal.

Nathan stops by the pharmacy to see Mei, but he can’t find her. Dr. Carter arrives a few minutes later and finds Mei hiding in the back. She has to go back to Chicago, and she doesn’t know how to tell Nathan.

When Bill finds out that Wyman is back in town, he decides to let the sale of the Queen of Hearts go ahead in an attempt to keep the coal mine closed. He also wants to lure Wyman’s henchman to town as he knows the man is wanted for murder. He tells Wyman that he will help him with the deal if Wyman helps Bill become mayor.

Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) on Season 9, Episode 9 of When Calls the Heart.
(Image: Crown Media)

Goodbye (for now)

Nathan finds Mei at the saloon getting ready to leave town. She tells him that Jeffrey is pursuing charges against her in Chicago. He offers to come with her.

“You have no idea what that means to me,” she tells him.

She says that she can’t ask him to leave Allie. She tells him that she regrets not letting him catch her that day she road into town. Nathan holds back tears as he says goodbye.

Molly and Florence are chatting. Molly says she thinks Faith has feelings for Nathan.

At the café, Joseph confronts Lee. He knows that Lee made a phone call so that Joseph could get his loan. He says he wishes Lee would have asked him first.

Nathan runs into Faith. They chat about Mei leaving town. He says it is probably similar to her situation with Carson. But then he changes his mind and says perhaps not, as Faith was ready to get married. Faith tells him that Carson was the one who wanted to get married, and she wasn’t ready. He is surprised. She invites him for ice cream, and he accepts.

Joseph and Cooper talk about Cooper’s decision not to go to church. Cooper explained that he “likes being his own boss.”

Dr. Faith Carter (Andrea Brooks) on Hallmark Channel's When Calls the Heart
(Image: Crown Media)

Closing the deal

People in town are upset with Bill because of the deal he made with Wyman. When Wyman arrives with Spurlock, Bill attempts to arrest him for murder. Spurlock shoots at Nathan and takes off in his car. Nathan goes after him on his horse and arrests him.

Bill then confronts Lucas about the deal he was trying to make with Wyman. Lucas said he was trying to catch him with a sting, but Bill cannot confirm the story. He says that Wyman stated that Lucas was working with gamblers in Louisiana and that he has the documents to prove it.

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