What happened on When Calls the Heart

What happened on When Calls the Heart: Season 9, Episode 8

What happened on Hallmark Channel’s When Calls the Heart in Season 9, Episode 8 — Hope Valley Days Part Two:

When the episode opens, Nathan runs into Jeffrey on the street. Jeffrey says he wants to talk to Ned and Florence about running the pharmacy with Mei.

Elizabeth overhears the news that Jeffrey is Mei’s husband. She runs to the saloon to tell Lucas, but he already knows. She is disappointed that he didn’t share the news with her sooner.

When Nathan asks Mei about Jeffrey, she explains that she apprenticed with him while she was still at school. He started having feelings for her. When she made it clear she didn’t feel the same way, he told everyone they were engaged.

When Mei found out he had forged a marriage license, she left Chicago and rode to Hope Valley to take the job at the pharmacy. When Mei asks Nathan if he believes her, he says yes. However, he says, they need proof that Jeffrey lied.

What happened on When Calls the Heart: Wherefore art thou, Lee?

Lee — dressed as Romeo for Halloween — runs into Hickam and attempts to apologize for his editorial. Back at the Valley Voice, he confides in Rosemary — dressed as Juliet — that he didn’t realize the impact his opinion piece would have. Rosemary tells him that writing for a newspaper is a huge responsibility.

Jeffrey tells Nathan he wants Mei arrested.

Lucas runs into two schoolteachers at the town bulletin board who are looking for textbooks. He tells them that he knows someone who can help them. At the schoolhouse, he offers to teach Elizbaeth’s class so she can talk to the other teachers.

Rosemary and Lee try to make Little Jack smile for the camera.
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At the café, Minnie, Joseph, and Bill celebrate their new business partnership. Bill begins coughing hard and steps outside. When he sees blood on his handkerchief, he goes to see Dr. Carter.

The doctor tells him he needs to go to Union City to get tested for pneumonia. As Bill rests, she runs over to the pharmacy for supplies. While she is there, Nathan arrests Mei. Faith follows them to the jail, where she sits with Mei. Faith tells Mei she feels like all this is her fault.

A call from Chicago

Back at the infirmary, Molly discovers that Bill has a bruise on his side. He says it must be from his fight with Jeffrey. Dr. Carter gives him some cough medicine and tells him to rest.

Bill decides to rest in Nathan’s office. He drinks all of the cough medicine and starts telling Mei about how his wife followed him to Hope Valley. Nathan arrives just in time to answer a phone call from Chief Inspector Hargreaves. Mei is to be returned to Chicago for prosecution.

When Elizabeth arrives at the café to help prepare Thanksgiving dinner, she finds out that Minnie has agreed to let Emma stay on in her job and rent a room upstairs.

At the Valley Voice, Lee writes a positive opinion piece about Hickam.

Bill surprised the town with a Christmas tree
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Burden of proof

Jeffrey arrives at the jail, where Nathan is just releasing Mei. Jeffrey wants Mei to return to Chicago with him. Nathan tells Jeffrey that Mei won’t be prosecuted, as he has found out that Jeffrey is already married. When Jeffrey leaves, Mei gives Nathan a hug.

The town gathers for a church service to celebrate the end of Hope Valley Days. When the service is finished, everyone steps out and finds a Christmas tree in the middle of the town. No one can figure out where it came from.

It turns out Bill set it up while everyone else was in church as an April Fools’ prank.

At the saloon, everyone shares a Thanksgiving dinner. Lee and Rosemary take pictures of everyone. When Allie and Nathan pose for their photo, Allie pulls Mei in with them.



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