What is on GAC Living. The shows airing on the new network.

What is on GAC Living?

What is on GAC Living? The network premiered in September, one of two new channels launched by former Crown Media CEO Bill Abbott.

The two networks aim to deliver “sage and entertaining storytelling that enriches lives,” Abbott said.

What is on GAC Living?

GAC Living will focus on unscripted lifestyle content and follow the tagline “Life Well Lived.”

The channel has several series on currently, with plans to bring on more.

What is on GAC Living: The current lineup

What is on GAC Living: The current lineup.


Shirley Booth starred in this classic sitcom as Hazel Burke, a no-nonsense housekeeper with a talent for managing the family she works for. The series ran from 1961 to 1966 and co-starred Don DeFore, Bobby Buntrock, Maudie Prickett, Whitney Blake, Ray Fulmer, and Julia Benjamin.

Fun fact: the series was originally sponsored by Ford Motor Company. The family all drove Fords, and in 1964, the Ford Mustang made its first appearance on TV.

Father Knows Best

Originally a radio series, Father Knows Best premiered as a TV show on CBS in 1954. The network canceled it after one season, but NBC picked it up and ran it for three more seasons. CBS got the show back and ran it from 1958 to 1960.

The series starred Robert Young and Jane Wyatt as Jim and Margaret Anderson, a midwestern couple with three children: Betty (Elinor Donahue), Bud (Billy Gray), and Kathy (Lauren Chapin).

First Time Flippers

Newbies try their hand at flipping houses with the guidance of professionals.

Aloha Builds

David and Michelle Jaime of the TV series Aloha Builds

Aloha Builds follows brother-and-wiser duo David and Michelle Jaime as they remodel homes in their home state of Hawaii.

Going RV

Families looking to take to the open road going shopping for their new home on wheels.

Tiny House, Big Living

Families work with tiny house builders to come up with their dream homes.

Growing Up Gator

Britney, Kasey, and Chelsea Brooks of the TV series Growing Up Gator

This reality series follows sisters Britney, Kasey, and Chelsea Brooks, who work for their family’s alligator farm in Christmas, Florida. In addition to caring for the 7,000 animals on their farm and go out to rescue stranded alligators.

Seaside Snacks and Shacks

Sabin Lomac, the co-owner of Cousins Maine Lobster, travels the coastal areas of the US to find the best local seafood dishes.

Kimberly’s Southern Kitchen

Kimberly Schlapman on Kimberly's Southern Kitchen

On this series, musician Kimberly Schlapman cooks up some of her favorite southern recipes.

Southern Barbecued Everything

The hosts of this show travel the country looking for the best southern barbecue.

Southern Fried Everything

This show explores America’s fascination with everything deep-fried.

Mountain Mamas

The stars of Mountain Mamas

Two women help buyers find reasonably priced homes in Montana and fix them up.

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