Lee, Rosemary, and Elizabeth on When Calls the Heart. (Image: Hallmark Media)

Is Rosemary having twins? That was the question many fans had after getting a look at actress Pascale Hutton’s (faux) baby bump. Hutton recently shared a clip to Instagram in which she and her co-star Kavan Smith held hands and walked into a field while the song “Baby Love” by The Supremes played. Hutton then turned to reveal a very large baby bump.

“A very special Christmas present to all those #Hearties out there!” Hutton wrote in the caption.

Fans were thrilled and responded on social media. But many had the same question: Could there be two babies on the way for Rosemary and Lee Coulter?

“Judging by the size of that bump, they are definitely have twins,” one fan wrote on Facebook.

“They’re having twins: a boy and a girl,” wrote another Heartie. “That way Hope Valley gets a mini Lee and a mini Rosemary.”

Is Rosemary having twins? Fans began speculating when they saw Pascale Hutton's (faux) baby bump on Instgram. (Image: Instagram/@phutton)
Is Rosemary having twins? Fans began speculating when they saw Pascale Hutton's (faux) baby bump on Instgram. (Image: Instagram/@phutton)

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Is Rosemary having twins?

Fans were thrilled when Hutton’s When Calls the Heart character, Rosemary Coulter, discovered late in Season 9 that she was pregnant. In a hilarious scene, she shared the news with her husband, Lee (played by Smith), who was so excited he ran outside in his pajamas shouting with excitement.

The Coulters married in Season 3 and have been hoping to become parents ever since. In a devastating scene, a tearful Rosemary apologized to Lee for not giving him a child. Lee replied, “No matter how much I want to be a father the only thing in the whole world I really need is you.”

A long-awaited blessing

Fans and cast members alike have speculated that Rosemary and Lee will be fun to watch as parents.

“I think it would be hilarious to see Rosemary pregnant,” Hutton said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“For Lee and Rosemary, with the two quirky characters that they are to go through [a pregnancy] together?” Smith added. “It’s just a gold mine of fun to be had.”

Fans also said the pair will apply their own unique style to having a family.

“Their kids are going to be the best-dressed kids in Hope Valley,” one wrote on Facebook.

When can we see Season 10?

Hallmark has kept the Season 10 premiere date for When Calls the Heart under wraps. At a press event in the summer of 2022, a network exec said fans could expect to see the show sometime “in the middle” of 2023. Typically, the series premieres in February. However, Season 9 didn’t hit the air until March 2022, which made some Hearties pretty upset.

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